A cure for the summertime blues

Gosh .. what a hot, sticky old day!     In a house full of seniors,  I am hard pressed to remember exactly why I minded the cold so much last winter, eh?

It has been a rough summer in this province for sure!     The sitting government has likely begun to suspect that winning the election was akin to winning the booby prize!      Necessity would appear to be the mother of hundreds of bridge closures.       Seven years of ferry subsidy seems to have slipped away in one summer.

So it simply is not realistic to expect any funding for such badly needed, but big-ticket items, like spay neuter.   Sheesh … it has already been made quite clear that even the society has been given the short end of the funding stick!

Yet the reality is that there ARE things that the government COULD do to help.    And yes .. I am talking about those darned draft regulations that are still supposedly simmering on the back burner.

Frankly I am surprised that they have not leapt on the mandatory breeder registration bandwagon.    Why would they continue to let back yard breeders and their ilk pull in tax-free income?       That revenue could come in very handy in cash strapped times like these, eh?

Reputable conscientious breeders would have nothing to fear from such a law because those who are doing the genetic screening and investing time and money in the show circuit are not making any kind of profit, eh?

It would almost be frosting on the cake that such a step might help relieve the burden on reputable rescues who are trying their best to help local dogs in this province.   And before the keyboards catch on fire, kindly remember that when waiting lists of twenty dogs or more are the rule rather than the exception , folks need to consider how humane it is that well over a quarter of the dogs listed on Petfinder and Facebook  for this province are from ‘away’.

After all, reputable breeders and rescues actually give a rats a** about where their dogs go.    There are applications that are carefully screened.     References are required!    In other words, there are fewer opportunities for well-meaning kind hearts to get in over their heads aka add to the rescue workload!

What can you … as an individual … do right now to help?    What can you do if you already HAVE the pet of your dreams?     Besides cornering your MLA when he is making the rounds of the summer BBQ season?

First and foremost, you could try fostering a pet!    Every rescue and shelter in this province is ALWAYS in need of fosters, especially now when surrenders are at a record high!

I used to think that I could not give up a foster!    In fact people who know me well actually teased me about adopting another when my first foster came here!     Why was I able to send him on his way to his new home?   Didn’t I like him?      Of course I did!   But, I was fostering for a reputable rescue and knew how carefully they screened.   In other words, I did not have to worry that I would be the only one who would love this guy.

Really, by the time  we got to that magical tear filled moment when his new family came to pick him up, I was actually ok with watching him drive away.      Ok .. maybe I did go back in and cry on Miss Ruby’s shoulder … but really they were tears of joy for him, eh?

There is a  reason that everyone is always saying that fosters are the life blood of rescue.     All the fundraising in the world cannot change a simple basic fact … each rescue can only take as many dogs / cats / puppies and /or  kittens in as they have fosters for.

Straight, sweet and simple!    So if you want to make a difference … if you really want to help … why not apply to foster for a reputable rescue?      All it will cost you is your time and the real reward is more than just getting paid in purrs and / or kisses!      At the end of the day, the best bit is knowing that those magical, tear filled moments were only possible because you were able to say “yes … that dog / cat / litter can come here”



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