A No Kill reality check

Gosh .. we sure needed this good rain this morning!    Mind you .. like anything else in life … these lovely warm showers are not necessarily helpful everywhere!    For instance, in my well worked freshly tilled garden, all that goodness just soaked right in!    Yet the parking lot in the mall was just one giant puddle that will only add to the humidity as it evaporates!

At the end of the day, life is never black and white either!    In the animal rescue world, we certainly need every kind heart who wants to help!      In a world where waiting lists are the rule rather than the exception, there is no such thing as too many rescuers, eh?

Or is there?     Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I am not set in stone hard fast against bringing dogs in from away!     I fostered one of the original Cali dogs from the Animal Rescue Corps!    And I still do believe that if someone is willing to invest all the time, energy and yes even personal money to run a rescue .. who am I to say what is and is not ok!

Who am I to be a wet blanket about that?     Horror stories of high kill shelters and puppy mill rescues are pretty darned hard for any kind heart to turn a blind eye to, eh?

Now this is when people are going to want to throw things at their computer screens!    I just wish that more rescuers could find more compassion for the simple everyday stories right here in our own province!

Where are the lineups of fosters for the dogs being surrendered every day in this province?    For all those dogs on waiting lists whose situations are ‘time sensitive’?    Where are the adopters for the ‘ordinary’ dogs that are not part of an ‘operation’ with a catchy name?

Before the keyboards catch on fire .. yes I know that folks are fond of citing the shortage of cute little dogs in this province!    But here is the thing …. as of this writing, a dear friend of mine has at least ten cute little dogs on the waiting list for her rescue!

And here is the thing everyone conveniently chooses to overlook …  that there are very, very few Happy Tails waiting when there is no room at the inn 😦        In a province where only 8 veterinarians were willing to rock the boat by voting against declawing,  it simply is not sensible to expect any animal clinic to publish their annual total of owner requested euthanasias, eh?

Have you noticed something lately in this province?     Nobody is really talking about No Kill anymore!    There are no more proud declarations on the front door of the society’s web site that the Nova Scotia SPCA is a No Kill organization!    Instead, mention is made in their mission statement of a vision that Nova Scotia will become a no kill province!

If one rummages around, one will find mention of No Kill on the SHAID website!   The lovely new website for the Lilian Allbon Animal Shelter no longer makes mention of No Kill on their front door either … but to fair it IS still in their mission statement!

All around the province, No Kill is disappearing from the front doors of web pages!     Is it becoming a dirty little word?   Or is it simply that when the need is so great, front line rescuers have come to view No Kill Nova Scotia as  being more and more of a pipe dream?

What time is it?    It is always time for rescuers to save every life they are moved to!   That being said .. it is also time to remember that the ONLY way we will get to No Kill Nova Scotia is if rescuers are also moved to save the animals that are right here in Nova Scotia!

PS … as a sidebar / food for thought note to this …. when the original Cali dogs came there were also a few dozen cats along for the ride.    To be fair, the cats were destined for PEI … but even so there was such a HUGE outcry from cat rescuers around the province that this was the first and last time anyone tried to import cats!     Funny how that worked, eh?

Webmaster update :    Comments for this post have been closed.    While I am thrilled that No Kill is alive and well at the LA Shelter …  I do believe  some folks are missing the point of this post!      We will never get to No Kill Nova Scotia until there is more focus and interest in the saving Nova Scotia animals and less on bringing dogs in from ‘away’!     Nor is it helpful .. or even accurate .. to make bold sweeping statements about ALL spca shelters being kill shelters!   At the end of the day, individual shelters and rescues are like stand alone computers in that none of them are able to be open admission AND no kill on their own.        It is going to take participation from ALL stakeholders to get to No Kill Nova Scotia and that includes Animal control, the SPCA and of course individual shelters and rescues.

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