I guess I should have read the fine print!

Gosh, I really do not want to complain … but yesterday sure  took the wind out of my sails.     Please don’t get me wrong … because everyone here has been very, very kind!

And everyone at the Bridgetown Animal Hospital was absolutely lovely …. both before and after the nice long nap I had there!     But really … did anyone think that I was going to be ready for this thing?


Sheesh!    Just when I was starting to wag my tail this happens!    When I signed up for no more puppies, nobody mentioned this was part of the package deal!   Huh!    I guess I should have read the fine print!

To be honest, I am just too tuckered out to need this, eh?     If I was a fashion model, photographers would have to stand in line for a photo shoot!

But I am not a runway model!   It is a lot of work to have a big litter of puppies … and that can take a lot out of a gal!    Everyone at the clinic probably thought I was still sleeping when they were talking about how thin I am!   The vet told my foster mum that is why my coat is so dry and my fur is falling out!     Apparently, what I really need is to get my paws on some good quality puppy chow!


Right now I am hanging my leash at  Goshe Pet Care .. which is where Foster Mum and The Kind Man live!     If any kind hearts want to help out, there are a few ways to do so!   Anyone was coming this way, they could drop food off here!     Or they could call in to donate to The Animal Rescue Coalitions account here at The Bridgetown Animal Hospital !     Or they could donate directly to ARC for me … and all the other good dogs they are caring for!

I might not be wagging my tail right now … but I promise that I will give it my best shot once I am feeling better!

Love Faerie!


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