Just Like Heaven

Ummm … I might not be a social butterfly yet … but as you can see my Foster Mum and The Kind Man are working on that!      Lucky for me that everyone here understands that brave new dogs are not built in a day, eh?


As a matter of fact … I am becoming very optimistic about everything!    My new pal Tess told me that when she first arrived here, she was even more timid and shy than I am right now!      Even better, Tess has told me that it really is true … that there will be no more puppies for us!

Best of all, when I see how very well Tina is doing now, it is easy for me to believe that there will be better days ahead for me too!    If Tina can become happy and confident … why then maybe there is hope for me too!


The good news is that I really have the hang of the whole tail wagging thing!    Hard not to really …. when everyone here is taking such good care of me!      Foster Mum actually had a tear in her eye when I came when she called, eh?   Who knew pleasing humans could be so simple?

We went to the vet this week and Foster Mum said there was lots of good news there!      My checkup went well and apparently I passed my blood test … though honestly I do not remember studying for that!    But I am really stoked about the no more puppies thing so I will just take their word for it on that!

My foster Mum tells me … in the nicest possible way …. that I am a lady not a sled dog!     She is pretty darned patient with  me though … I think she knows what a rookie I am at normal dog stuff like going for a walk!

Clearly, there are still more things to learn in life, eh?     But I think that wagging my tail and keeping my chin up is a really good start!

Love Faerie

PS  from Granny :   Any kind hearts who wish to help with Faerie’s mature spay can either donate to ARC or call in a donation for Faerie to The Bridgetown Animal Hospital


 You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.       Robert Louis Stevenson


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