A new guest author …..

Ummm …. you will have to be patient with me if I seem a little shy!      This time yesterday, I had no idea that my life was about to change!    That I would be leaving the only life I had ever known!    That I was about to start an incredible new journey!

So if I seem a little anxious, you will have to understand that I had absolutely no idea there was so much more to life than having puppies!

Gosh … just look at what a busy day I had!   Meeting The Kind Man!      Walking on the beach!     I really had no idea that the world was such a beautiful big place!      That simply sitting in the sand could be so lovely!


But even beauty can be overwhelming when one is not used to it, eh?   By the time we had walked through the ferry terminal, the Kind Man could tell that it was almost too much for me!    He carried me onboard!    Helped me into the crate he had ready for me!

He told me how brave I had been to be so curious!   That it was clear I was a real rookie with this whole real life thing!    That I mustn’t expect to get everything on my first day!


So in honor of how brave I was on the ferry, The Kind Man has given me a pretty new name to go with my new life … Faerie!     Even better, it looks like everyone here in my new foster home is going to be very kind  too!   Best of all, it looks like no one is going to expect me to rush right into anything before I am ready!

Really … it is just frosting on the cake that I have a chance to tell my Getting Happier Tail!    I have a guest slot here so that others can share my incredible journey!

They tell me that in time, I may be even be ready for The Animal Rescue Coaltions to find me a fabulous new home!     Oh my!      For now I am just going to let out a big sigh of relief and see what each new day brings!

I’m not wagging my tail yet … but we’re working on that!

Love Faerie!


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