A little musing about good intentions ….

I love living with senior dogs!   What is not to love?    They are as fond of a good night’s sleep as I am!   Even better, they are all seniors now so everyone flows comfortably in the same serene groove!    Best of all of course is that I am never working without a net!

What do I mean by that?    Who else would be involved?    Well … there is my fabulous groomer who is able to spot changes I might have missed simply because she does not see my dogs every day!    To be perfectly honest, I have lost track of the number of times that Dina has picked up on something important that everybody else has missed!

And then of course there is my longtime vet!   Now she may be out on maternity leave right now … but all the techs at the Berwick Animal Hospital are still familiar with the gang!    Their records are right there at the clinic so anyone new on staff that they meet have access to their history!

Such a comfort really to know that so many people have my back when it comes to my pets!

Social networking really has helped ever so many dogs and cats find rescue slots / fosters / new homes / transport / etc!    There really is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Facebook has really changed the face of animal rescue!

Now here is where people are going to want to start throwing things at the computer!    Facebook has also afforded the opportunity to individual people to try to rescue animals in need!    Sometimes the ads are found on Kijiji!   Sometimes they become engaged in a posting that popped up on their wall!     And sometimes … not just a few sometimes … they unintentionally do more harm than good!

Why does our military stress the value of teamwork?   That answer is so simple a stump could understand!    Straight, sweet and simple … teamwork has a longtime proven track record of being the only efficient way to accomplish any mission!

There is not a day goes by that all rescues in this province .. and the society too .. are not asking for volunteers on Facebook!     Even if one’s own pets might not be best suited to fostering, there are countless other tasks that still need to be done!   Transporting!   Checking references!    Fundraising!    PR work!    At the risk of stating the obvious, if there is a task to be done …. somebody has to do it!

So here is today’s what if …. perhaps some of these well-intentioned individuals might consider volunteering to help one of the existing rescues or shelters!    There are reasons that anyone learning a trade is required to apprentice, eh?       The bottom line is that there is no possible way to put a price on the value of learning from experience!

For instance, someone wishing to help chained dogs find better outcomes could volunteer to work with No Chains ALL Love Nova Scotia  instead of wondering why a rescue might not be able to help!      Not to be mean, but the reason any rescue is able to help is because they have volunteers to do so!      No matter how well fundraising goes, it simply is not possible to knit fosters and volunteers!

Really it is just frosting on the cake that volunteering would be a great way for interested kind hearts to learn the best practices for placing chained dogs, so that their new owners are properly prepared for success!

No question about it … kind hearts really want to help!    Does that mean that I am trying to discourage that?    Of course not!    I am instead merely pointing out that operating on their own really limits their ability to effectively help!

Worse …. when things go adrift and upset new adopters are upset because their new pal has demolished the house, for instance … it can be the exact opposite of helpful!

Then of course there is also the sticky little issue that individuals working on their own placing pets simply are not protected from liability when things do not work out well 😦

With so many groups here in Nova Scotia,  from reptiles to rabbits and everything in between, there really is something for everyone!    Spay Neuter!   TNR!    Stray Cat rescues!   SPCA shelters!    Privately run shelters!    Foster based dog  rescues!

What time is it?     It is always time to remember that if the end goal is to actually help the animals, working with a rescue group is really the best way to do so!

A single leaf working alone provides no shade.   Chuck Page


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