A little reminder

Like most other women, there are many different layers lurking under this well-worn surface! There is the sentimental mother who is delighted to find a Mother’s Day gift in my mailbox! But there is also an inner thirteen year old who still expects life to be fair … and her snide sarcastic wicked stepsister who rails on like the energizer rabbit when it is not! To be perfectly honest, people who are offended by my blog should simply be grateful that only my very good friends get to see vestiges of the crusty and sometimes crude ex Sgt layer 🙂

Like many other women, I tend to measure time in terms of the lives of those I love! Whether one has human children or pets or both … time really is relative, eh?

It has been a while since we have heard anything from the Department of Agriculture! What do we know now? How are those regulations they were in such a rush to get input on doing?

Well …. according to their website … like the Bluenose II … they will not be sailing this season, so to speak! The current estimate is now stands at the “Fall of 2014” … but as we have seen, time is a bit relative at the Department of Agriculture as well!

What does that mean in realspeak? Besides demonstrating the classic old political mantra …. when in doubt stall? Well … look at it this way … when People for Dogs first circulated their antitethering position, my granddaughter was in kindergarten! Next month, she will be finishing grade two! Next fall, she will be in grade three?

It means that unless the draft regulations undergo an unanticipated extreme makeover, next spring when Lydia finishes grade three it will still be legal to chain or pen a dog 24/7 in this province! ( and before the keyboards catch on fire, please do not insult anyone’s intelligence by suggesting that unenforceable time limit will make a difference!) People will still be allowed to shoot a cat or a dog in this province! And folks will continue to drown and poison and abandon cats with impunity!

What time is it? It is always time to remember the one thing that politicians never, ever forget … that we ‘hired’ them and we can ‘fire’ them! The day we actually remember that early in enough in any mandate is the day we might actually see political promises for animal welfare being kept!

Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing. Edmund Burke



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