Such a simple way to make a difference!

I love Patrick McDonnell’s comic strip Mutts!     On any given day it is a treat … but it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well that my favourites are the Shelter Stories!

Take today’s one for instance!    In three simple frames, Patrick manages to convey a pretty powerful point!    First, Danny and Joey are excited because they got eighteen ‘likes’!  Then they share a little ‘aha’ moment that finishes off with ” but no shares”!

Those three little words really sum it up for me!    What is the usual thing that happens anywhere in the animal loving social networking world when a picture or a petfinder or Kijiji link is posted?

There is ALWAYS lots of interest!    People have plenty to say about how pretty or cute a pet is!    Even worse … if it is a ‘free to a good home”, there is a flurry of righteous indignation accompanied by a chorus of “I would never do that” s!    ( The testy topic of how it is NOT helpful in any way for the pet when the poster of the free ad is bombarded by scolding is a sorry subject that will get a post of its one someday soon here, eh?)

Saddest of all is that there are seldom any shares for petfinder posts or Facebook photos of adoptable pets!     For instance, when I post these things on my wall, it does NOT mean that I want my friends to admire the new cat or dog I am thinking of getting!

Here in the real world, I already have five beautiful cats and four wonderful dogs!      Not to be mean,but I already have a full house, eh?

What I … and so many others like me …. are hoping for is that my friends will share so their friends can share … etc!   After all, just because  you might not want a 120 lb dog / marmalade kitten / almost house trained laddie  / etc, who is to say that someone down the line might not be the perfect fit?

So when postings for pets needing new homes pop up in your news feed, instead of saying “I would take him or her if only …. ( insert reason here) … take two seconds to share the post with your friends! Who knows what wonderful things might come of that? Sharing on social networking saves lives!!!

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