Time to read the writing on our own have not wall ….

I love this time of year!  Why?   Is it the warmer weather … or at least the hope of it?    Might it be the fun of having a front row seat as the garden comes back to life for the season?    Well yes … of course it is all that!

But … there is another fringe benefit I am particularly grateful for this year!   Lets face it …. gardening is hard physical work!    Like many other Canadian gardeners, spring always comes as a shock to the system!     It takes time to get back into shape!    What does that mean in realspeak?  Why of course that I sleep as soundly as some of the rocks I have been spading!

This is year that is proving to be very, very helpful!    As a middle-aged grandmother, I should not be waking up in the middle of the night to indulge in what my Dad used to refer to as recreational worrying!

As anyone associated  with the animal rescue world knows, surrenders .. and their evil stepsister pet abandonment … are really up this year!    Why?     Has it been the unanticipated extra heating costs from an extremely cold winter?    The rising cost of essentials?   The reality that the ships start here mountain was really only a molehill?    The reality of  plant closures and jobs losses catching up?

It does not take a rocket scientist to correlate the connection between economic hardship and the increased burden on animal rescue!    As of this morning, a dear friend of mine who runs a rescue has twenty dogs on her waiting list!   Twenty!    Tiny terriers!   Beagles! Lovely large dogs!  Young dogs!   Sweet settled seniors!   Twenty all told with more waiting in the wings next week no doubt!

Now here is where people are really going to want to start throwing things at the computer!   Yes .. I know that I have repeatedly defended the right of any rescue to brings dogs in from away!     Yes … I know that there are high kill pounds in the southern states and closer to home in Quebec!

But here is the thing that I have also been quite clear about …. every life counts!    What does that mean in realspeak?  Why of course that includes the cats and dogs who are already here in Nova Scotia!

People are moved to rescue animals for a wide variety of reasons!   If there is one common denominator, it is the desire to save a life!   Whether one is pulling a dog from a high kill pound a thousand miles away or answering a call from a local vet clinic trying to prevent a premature and unnecessary Unhappy Tail, a life is being saved!

Should that not be the only thing that matters?   Sure  .. if it is only a matter of math!    Here in the real world, rescue is about living, breathing sentient beings!   In other words, unless the collective capacity to rescue and rehome exceeds the local need, when pets are brought in from away some local ones simply might not survive their time on the waiting lists  😦

What time is it?     It is always time to save lives!   It is always time to applaud every kind heart who is moved to save every life they can!   But … right here, right now … it is also time to read the writing on our own have not wall!        Here in the real world, we will never get to No Kill Nova Scotia if we blind ourselves to the simple fact that the times truly are changing!


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