A little chat about moving

One of the best bits about being retired is not having to move anymore!     Does that mean that I did not enjoy my career in the military?    Of course not!    Between my own time in the army and my ‘tour of duty’ as an air force brat, I was lucky enough to see so much of the world, eh?

That being said, now it is lovely NOT to move!    After a lifetime spent moving from  the reaches of the Yukon through to Europe … and points in between … it is a joy to be able to put able to put down roots and become a permanent part of this community 🙂

Lets face it, moving is a monumental  pain in the ass!    It is expensive!    It is chaotic!    It is disruptive to family life and very upsetting to children!    On a scale of one to ten,  most folks find the stress of moving to be at least a twelve or thirteen!

Now here is where people are going to want to start throwing things at their computer screen!      We all know that moving is one of the most frequently cited reasons for pets being found on the free to a good home sites.       Indeed there is no quicker way to ensure an onslaught of angst filled responses to such ads as to share it with fellow animal lovers on Facebook.

But here is the thing that I realized … it was easy for me to move with pets!   Why me?   Why not everyone else?  Well … for starters, not everyone grew up bouncing around the country in the backseat with the family pet!    Not everyone learned how to sneak cats and budgies into hotel rooms!   How to travel across the country with turtles!

Here in the real world,  outside of the military, most people do not make a career out of moving, eh?   When I realized that, I sat down and penned a little leaflet for the SPCA on Moving with Pets!    ( The sticky subject of how folks surrender pets when they discover Baby makes three is another testy topic that inspired me to pen Prenatal Preparation for Pet Owners … eh? )

But I am wandering afield, as I am wont to do in my meandering way.   The point I am trying to make today is that along with the mud and the first forsythia blossoms, spring also means that folks will be on the move before long!

If you know anyone who is moving, why not share Moving with Pets with them?      At one short page, it is not heavy reading!    It does not involve picking up expensive paraphenalia!   It is just a short little common sense road map to help others find their way!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that pets are a proven stress reliever.     If we have to leave everything familiar behind .. what better way to cope than by bringing our faithful friends?


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