Peace Paws Love

I love starting seeds for my garden!   Even if Mother Nature still has a storm or two up her sleeve ,  those seed flats are a living symbol that spring is on its way!

The more diplomatic souls in the animal loving community have been referring to the new Draft Regulations as ‘a good start’!      Somehow I suspect that in the absence of a large pubic display, the Minister is more inclined to view them as more of a finished product!   Why?   Sadly, here in the real world politicians are well-practiced in creating PR mountains out of more humble mole hills!     What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that from here on in the provincial Liberals will be able to claim bragging rights for having done something pawsitive for the animals!

Does it matter that these regulations bear little if any resemblance to any of the presentations that were submitted?    That those expecting anti tethering legislation have somehow been presented with tethering and penning legislation instead?    That it is still legal to shoot companion animals and feral cats?

Apparently not!    So how DID that happen?    Now HERE is where folks are going to want to start throwing things at their computer screens!

Was there a devious plot to divide and conquer the animal loving community?   Did anyone prevent us from having the power of speaking with one voice?   Sadly no!   The simply … and ugly .. unvarnished truth is that we did it to ourselves!

Lets face it … we all ‘love to hate’ the society!     In a province where grudges can be carried for generations,  one month is one year is five years is a decade … or even two or three!

So once again, we seem to be stuck with the same sad old status quo.      By publicly stating that the new regulations would pretty much be ‘word for word’ what the society asked for, the Minister has set them up to take the heat for him.

Why?   Was the ‘new’ 100 k funding from last year threatened?   Nope!  They were already told point-blank that was a ‘one time thing’!   Were new sources of revenue promised?   Nope … not unless one counts whatever bits and pieces  they can garner from ticketing!   Were they offered spay neuter funding?      No wait … that was the municipal government in the city that helped to kick-start the clinic!

But old habits die just as hard for the society as they do for us!   To be fair, no one likes to be criticized all the time!     No more than animal advocates like to be handed platefuls of poppycock in lieu of the more honest ‘gee we would like to help but we simply do not have the resources to seize that dog / shut down that breeder / clean up that branch / address that hoarding situation / etc.

When I was a private, my first Sgt told me that assumption was the mother of all screwups!    That home truth has rung true on every road I have followed since then!

Nobody had to infiltrate the animal loving community to sow discord … we did it to ourselves!    All of us!     We shot ourselves in the foot and left the animals .. .once again … in the lurch!

Sadly, if we all keep making the same assumptions about each other, we are just going to keep on getting the same results!

If we want to effect meaningful change for the animals, the first thing we have to do as a community is find a way to move past our history and into the future!   Straight, sweet and simple!

What time is it?    Clearly it is way, way past time for everyone to check our egos and personal agendas at the door!    Who knows what wonderful things might come of that, eh?


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