What are you doing on Sunday?

Facebook is full of folks who are happy about the time changing this Sunday!   Why?    Do they not realize that there will still only be twenty-four hours in the day?     That there will not actually be an extra hour of daytime?    How could they overlook that?

The truth is that everyone does get that!   So why such excitement about losing an hour’s sleep?    That answer is so simple a child could understand!    At the end of the day, setting our clocks ahead is simply a sure sign of spring!

Lets face it … by now most folks have lost their enthusiasm for snow!   We are eager to swap our snowboots out for sandals!    Ready to put our parkas away and start planting our gardens!

Of course anyone who rescues cats might not share our enthusiasm for spring!    Why?   The annual river of cats that floods every rescue and shelter in the province would be enough to dampen anyones enthusiasm for the season!

The good news is that kind hearts who want to help will have a chance this weekend!    On Sunday ( see poster below) , local cat rescues are holding The Angels Auction!

Where else can you have all the fun of an auction AND help, eh?   Every dollar that is raised will go directly to a local rescue!    TAPA!  Cats in Halifax!  Spay Day HRM!  And of course, the Cat Angel Network!

What could be better than the chance to bid on thousands of new items?    Hang on to your hats … for this event, Scotiabank has promised to match funds up to $5,000!  Wow!

What time is it?   It is always, always time to support the dedicated cat rescuers who work so hard to make our communities kinder and nicer places!


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