On Heart Dogs and Helping with Happy Tails …

She loves to hunt mice under the snow!   She is convinced that chasing the planes flying overhead sends them on their merry way!   Of course, she also loves to snuggle by my side at night and commune with me by day curled up on my desk!     In other words, she is funny and quirky and I love her dearly!

Six years ago this morning,  there were three pictures of a two-year old dog waiting in my inbox!     Why?   The short version of that story is that I had put in a pre approved application to The Animal Rescue Coalitions and asked them to help me find a middling to large adult female dog!      The night before, they had called to see if I might be interested in a starving dog they had just rescued!

Now the pictures were so sad …. but I did not fall in love because I felt sorry for her!   I could tell from her eyes that she was brilliant enough to understand that life had just taken an abrupt turn for the better.    She had been brave as a lion to survive such poor care and my heart melted in a puddle at my feet!

In the course of my work with the homeless  pet site, I truly to try not to play favourites!   That being said, it is only natural to have a special affection for the reputable rescues who choose not to cherry pick!     For those who are willing to regularly take on pets of any age or size!   In good health or in bad!  Year in and year out!

After all,  any amateur can take in ONE badly abused animal!   Lets face it, there are no shortage of kind hearts in this province who will readily pony up for abused animals in need!       Any well-intentioned animal lover can rescue for a couple of months … or even a couple of years!

But for the groups who go the distance … for the ones who have rescued so many Miss Ruby’s that they no longer run to the media with every dramatic sad tale … those are the real sweethearts!

They have learned that it is in their best fundraising interests to take the time and trouble to get CRA status!      That there is no replacement for the reassurance that brings … so that folks can easily see what is done with their donor dollars!

They have been in the game long enough to know that cherry picking can keep their costs down …  yet they still believe every life counts!

Of course, even the best rescues can only take in as many pets as they have foster slots for!       Straight, sweet and simple!

Does every foster have to be experienced with every sort and size of dog?    Do they need to be dog behavior experts?   Not everyone!   Like anything else in life, fostering gets easier with practice.   Reputable rescues are not going to initiate new fosters with ‘problem children’ eh?

Fosters really are the life blood of rescue!   Why does everyone keep saying that?   Because it is a fact!     If you are looking for a way to help, fostering is a great place to start!   If you are dreaming of opening your own rescue or sanctuary someday, fostering is a great place to learn the ropes!

Is it easy to let your fosters go to their new homes?    To be perfectly honest … nope!    So why would anyone foster?    That answer is so simple that a small child could see!     It is much, much easier to let a foster go to on to an approved, screened Happy Life … because the alternative is just unthinkable 😦

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that fostering saves lives!     Each and every time somebody is able to say .. yes, I will foster that dog or cat or those puppies or those kittens  …. lives are saved!   What could be sweeter than that?


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