Something you can do


I love Valentines Day!     What is not to love?    It is a lovely sentimental day to celebrate those whom we love!   Even better, it is really a great way to brighten the late winter blahs!    Best of all of course is that we all have a special affection for any holiday so utterly focused on chocolate!

Sadly, this is also terrible of time of year to be a homeless pet!     More importantly, it is a horrible time of year for orphaned infants of any species 😦

Lucky for us here in Nova Scotia, there is a rescue group that is devoted completely to saving neonatal orphans!      Puppies!   Kittens!   Even the odd baby squirrel!     For eleven years, Pick of the LItter have been pulling out all the stops to save these little orphans!

It would be fair to say that the lions share of their work is focused on kittens.     For every tale told in the media about foundling pups, there are hundreds more litters of little cats thrown by the wayside every year 😦

When I still need to bundle up even to just hang out the laundry, it is hard to imagine that spring is actually just around the corner!       Yet, at least here in Nova Scotia we are really in the last full month of winter now!

What does that mean in catrescuespeak?   Why of course that kitten season is just around the corner too!   And that means that Pick of the Litter Society is gearing up again for the orphans that will come flooding into their rescue with the annual river of cats!

The good news is that anyone can actually help with this work!   For less than a price of a good box of chocolates … for much less than the price of a dozen roses … kind hearts can help Pick of the LItter pay for the professional kitten formula that they depend upon for success!

Here in the real world, laypeople like you and me cannot just go to the grocery store and pick up a can of  this to send to Pick of the Litter!    However, any kind heart heart to wants to help can easily send a donation by EMT or mail to Pick of the LItter!

Here in the real world, each can costs about twenty dollars!     How far does one can go?   Gosh .. when one whole can is barely enough for one kitten for two weeks … just imagine how very many, many cans will be needed to get through kitten season!

So this week … while you are picking up chocolates and ordering roses … why not put a little heart into the holiday and help Pick of the Litter out too?

There’s no request too big or small
We give ourselves, we give our all
Love isn’t someplace that we fall
It’s something that we do 

fr Something That We Do, Clint Black


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