In praise of Momcats

I have always loved being a mother!   Does that mean that I spent my childhood years yearning for motherhood?   Of course not!    To be perfectly honest …. baby carriages were not even on the bucket list!

But here in the real world, when I became pregnant, I DID have a choice!    I was able to choose to have my child … unlike the thousands and thousands of little momcats around this province!

Lets face it …. a cat cannot use a condom!    Nor can a cat in heat beg off with a headache!    Yet even in this day and age, countless folks continue to believe that it is not necessary to spay a female cat!   That it is enough to ‘keep them indoors’!   They are amazed that a cat CAN get pregnant long before the traditional six month spay date!  And my personal favourite … why bother fixing the males when they are not the ones who get pregnant 😦

Worst of all of course is that it is utterly horrible to abandon a pregnant cat simply because one was too careless or cheap to have her spayed!       If these little mothers survive the elements, they still have to deal with predators!       Saddest of all of course is that they, and any of their offspring , survive will go on to produce unimaginable numbers of feral cats!

Sometimes … a very few times … the dice will roll in the little momcats’ favour.      Little Blanche and her five kittens were found trying to survive on a farm!    Lucky for them, a kind and patient heart took the time to trap the skittish kittens and bring them with their mom to SHAR!

Any cat rescuer has a back pocket full of stories about beautiful young mother cats who ‘sit on the shelf’ long after their babies have been adopted.    It does not matter that they are beautiful!    Folks do not see how brave they have had to be!   Most don’t even look twice as they rush by to look at the kittens 😦

Blanche has been waiting at SHAR for months since her kittens have been adopted!   She is bright and beautiful!    Sweet and affectionate!     Nobody … not you .. not me … is perfect … so she does have an easily managed  little medical condition with her bowel!

My own Mighty Mini Morgan was a little momcat who waited quite a while after her kittens were born!    Knowing how devoted she is … and how dear she is to me … I almost envy the kind heart who adopts Blanche!

What time is it?   It is time to share Blanche’s story in the hopes of helping her find her own Happy Tail!     At the end of the day, sometimes it is the simplest things that make all the difference!



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