Three Fun Facts

One of the best bits about being a grandmother is being able to shamelessly indulge in the next generation of Walt Disney movies!     Does it matter that they are much earthier than the ones I used to watch with her mother?     No way!    Not as long as there is still a sure promise of a Happy Ending waiting in the wings!

Sadly for the homeless cats and kittens in this province, Happy Endings still depend more on good luck than good management  😦   Earlier this winter, Facebook was on fire about Gus the Kitten!    Why?   Gus was a tiny little kitten who had been horribly beaten before being tossed in a dumpster in Halifax 😦

At that point … Gus’ fortunes took an abrupt one hundred and eighty degree turn.    Why?     Well … luckily for Gus, two kind-hearted girls heard his cries, rescued him and brought him to a vet clinic.   Even luckier for Gus, he then came under the loving umbrella of Spay Day Nova Scotia!

The short version of this story is that after several surgeries … that sadly included amputation … Gus is now doing ever so much better!    If you are interested in following his progress,   Gus even has his own page on Facebook now!

Fun Fact #1  …. Spay Day NS does not actually define themselves as a cat rescue!    Their mandate after all, is to facilitate spay neuters!    ( over 535 as of this writing! )

Fun Fact #2 … Gus is not an isolated incident!     Folks who follow cat rescue on Facebook will remember the story of Snowbank Kitty .. who had sheltered in a cardboard box that was quickly drifted over!   After the first big blizzard this year, a family in Spryfield shovelling out after the storm found the little fellow!     He was desperately thin and had frost bite on his paws!    Spay Day NS stepped in to help and the short version is that after recuperating with his marvelous three student Foster Mums, Snowbank Kitty went to the Provincial Animal Shelter where he was quickly adopted!

Even as we speak, there is another wee one who has come under Spay Day NS’ loving umbrella.  Here is the really funny thing … this little eight month old gal is such a charmer that she ‘talked’ someone who was not even a cat lover into bringing her in out of the cold!     Someone with a kind heart who had sense enough to call Spay Day 🙂   It will be a while before this beautiful and affectionate little cat gains enough weight to be safely spayed … and this kind heart is fostering the little bug until she can be adopted!

Fun Fact #3 …. somehow none of THESE stories made it into the media all around the province either!

What time is it?   When even folks who are not ‘cat people’ can be kind enough to help … it is well past time for our politicians to stop pretending that nobody cares about cats!

PS … if you are interested in adopting a lovely cat from Spay Day :

[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”450px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]Cats are smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through snow. Jeff Valdez [/dropshadowbox]


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