Looking for the key ….

I always love to read about acts of kindness in the media!    Last week there were two animal related stories that touched everyone’s heart in NS!

But …. is there not always a qualifier here …. these two stories quickly highlighted once again that there is a real  difference in public perception between cats and dogs 😦

The first story … about the three puppies found in East Preston  by a kind-hearted RCMP officer… made it into every media outlet around the province within twenty-four hours!     In no time at all, Litters n Critters were flooded with over fifty adoption applications for the wee ones!

The second story circulated around social networking sites for days before being picked up by the media involved two cats who were rescued by staff at the Sydney Canadian Tire Store.    THAT really made me happy … but to date the only followup story that I have seen was the one about the shopper who is terrified of cats.    Admittedly,  THAT was widely circulated nationally …. but to date there has been no documented evidence of anyone, let alone dozens,  dashing off adoption applications for these cats!

Now don’t get me wrong!   I truly do love to see kindness!  But one has to wonder why incidents of cat and dog abandonment are treated so differently in the media!

Really … it begs a whole laundry list of very interesting questions!    Could it be as simple as the fact that the RCMP issued a press release?   Should cat rescuers start sending the media press releases each and every time they find an abandoned cat?    Would the media even consider such common occurrences to be news?

Hmmmm …. I remember last year that there was quite a bit of media attention for dozens of cats that had been abandoned in Shelburne!   Those news stories generated quite a bit of help for PET Projects … indeed if memory serves the Pet Focus Vet Group in the city reached out and provided quite a bit of help with those cats!

Did that mean that people were lining up to adopt the cats?   Sadly not!    As of this writing, there are still at least a dozen of those beautiful cats still waiting … and waiting …. for their own Happy Tail!

So are media outlets are reserving their attention for the more dramatic Unhappy Tails?     Hmmm!     It was not all that long ago that Facebook was on fire about two underaged orphan kitties found abandoned in the dead of winter!

It never made it into any media outlets … but thanks to The Ready Set Rescue Network,  these infants made it into the safe care of an experienced CAPS Foster Mum!

What a cliffhanger of a story!     Because they were so very young … and had been exposed to the harsh elements … it was touch and go for sure!     For five long weeks,  their Foster Mum Rhonda stayed up with them … riding a roller coaster from one crisis to the next until they were finally out of the woods!

As a sidebar note to that … the simple fact that Rhonda was able to concoct a lifesaving substitute for ‘mothers milk’ out of a concoction of chicken broth baby food, cat electrolyte solution, goats
milk(full fat) and slippery elm bark powder should have been noteworthy enough for media attention!

So what DID happen to little Mauricio and Miesha?   Happily, thanks to their Foster Mum’s determination, both survived and went on to find their own Happy Tails 🙂

What would happen If media outlets received a press release each and every time cats and kittens were abandoned?    Would it create a better understanding of the real scope of the situation?    By extension would it send a strong message to both politicians and the public that the status quo is simply unacceptable?

The sad truth is that people will continue to abandon cats in such horrific numbers as long as it is considered to be an ordinary activity not worthy of mention in the media!

What time is it?     It is always time to applaud the kind hearts who put their heart into cat rescue!    More importantly … it is way, way past time for them to stop being such unsung heroes!

Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.    Merry Browne


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