Sometimes all you have to do is show up

I must admit that I have found a new affection for winter since I retired!    To be able to shed the worry of commuting and simply savour all the coziness that comes with catching up on domestic bliss really has put a whole new spin on the season 🙂

Still…. I must confess that my not so inner middle-aged granny is pretty darned relieved that there is a good weather forecast for Saturday?  Why?    For the Anti Tethering Marches around the province of course!

Sadly some people are long on supporting subjects dear to their heart on social networking sites and all too short on actually showing up in person …. sigh!   So hopefully good weather will bring out all the kind hearts who believe  …. in peoplefordogspeak … that it is Time for Chainge!

WIth all the media attention lately, Anti Tethering has turned into a hot button conversation topic around the province!     Does that mean that everyone supports the idea?   Sadly no!    There are still a few misconceptions that are deliberately fostered by folks who tend to  … for a wide variety of self-interested reasons …. get sea sick at the very idea of Chainge!

Why do you think politicians at every level carry a repertoire of talking points in their back pockets?     That answer is simple!       They know that not everyone is going to agree with them!    Lets face it, talking points are simply a tool to (hopefully) present the desired message without getting diverted!

With that in mind, here are my own little Anti Tethering Talking Points!

I have a yard leash clipped to my back door so that my dog can hang out with me or just go out for a pee safely!

Anti tethering laws will have absolutely nothing to do with the little yard leashes people hook by the back door to keep Fido safe for pee breaks, etc    Not unless the dog is left outside, 24/ 7!

I take good care of my own dogs!   Why should I care about this?

Anti Tethering Laws WILL protect children in the community from the dangerous behaviors exhibited by unsocialized and untrained dogs!

Nahhh … I still don’t care!

Anti tethering laws will also help make communities more pleasant places to live by minimizing nuisance behaviors like continual barking!

Nope ….  I still don’t see the problem!

Hmmm!     It doesn’t bother you then that the food dish outside can attract rats?    That most chained dogs live in areas contaminated with feces ?   That is a health hazard, eh?

But I need a guard dog to protect my business!

Unless your dog can dial 911, he or she is not an efficient security system!     Guard dogs  have been made redundant by wireless cameras and security systems … which will not be diverted by food or poison!

Why not just pass a law requiring better dog houses for outdoor dogs?

Better Dog Houses are not humane.      A fancy dog house does not change the simple fact that dogs are pack animals and suffer emotional and mental distress in isolation!

By law, my dog is my property!    Who are you to tell me what I can do with my own property?????

Society already does that!     You can own a car, but the law tells you how fast you can drive it!     The law prohibits driving under the influence!   And the law insists that you keep your vehicle in good running order so that it is not a safety hazard!

At the end of the day, there are all sorts of statistics one could use … but real opponents to Chainge are not going to listen that long!   If folks cannot be moved by the humane plight of a chained dog, then talking points have to focus on safety and health hazards!

What time is it?   This Saturday, it is time to take one hour out of your life and attend the nearest Anti Tethering March!    You do not have to foster or adopt or donate!     All you have to do is show up!   What could be simpler than that?




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