In praise of small things

Each and every day we all have decisions to make!     It is part and parcel of the process of everyday life, eh?      Some are simple and easy …  like wearing long johns and extra socks on a day like this!      Sometimes we already know what we want to do  …. so that it is not really a decision so much as framing a sensible ( to us) excuse!

At the end of the day, we all base  most of our choices on situational logic!   Should I eat that second brownie really depends on how much wiggle room is left in our jeans!    Do I really need to vacuum today is usually directly correlated to whether company is coming!    Indeed … one of the best bits about being retired is being more at liberty to decide how each day will play out!

Each and every day, animal shelters and rescues around the province have to decide which .. if any .. cats that they can take in!      With waiting lists already as long as their arms .. and then some …. it is a discouraging decision for any kind heart to make!

Nor is it helpful that folks who find a stray cat at this time of year are already full of angst at the thought that someone could abandon an animal in the dead of winter  😦  Or that people looking to rehome Mom’s kitty are for a myriad of reasons either unwilling or unable to foster Fluffy until there is room  😦

Saddest of all of course is the sure knowledge that if there is no room at the inn, folks will often blithely pass the ‘problem’ on to Animal Control while turning a deliberate blind eye to what may happen to the cat afterwards 😦

As a sidebar note to that .. I still maintain that one of the simplest lifesaving steps that any municipality could take would be to offer no cost spay neuter chits to kind hearts who DID want to keep a stray!     What it would save in gas alone would very likely offset the  cost difference between altering and killing!

Folks who have followed this blog for a while will remember the story of Dora and Oscar!      For those who do not,  five years ago Dora was a scrawny little slip of a feral kitten.     Oscar .. whom i was then calling Bridgette … showed up after I started feeding Dora.    Hey .. in my defense they had the same tuxedo bib and boots, eh?

Of course once we had been to the vet we discovered that Bridgette was actually a neutered tom …. how sad for him to have been abandoned at 7 or 8  😦

But I am wandering a bit afield …. as I am often wont to do in my meandering way!     The short version is that five years later, both Dora and Oscar are happy and safe here …. and living indoors!

This is what they looked like the first winter they were here, while we were building enough trust to go to the vet!


This is what they look like now!  Admittedly they are ‘secret loves’ as neither cares much for humans … but they are happy and safe here and simply melt away whenever company comes over 🙂

Now I am not saying that everyone should take in every stray that shows up at their door!     Here in the real world, it is important for people to know their limits!       That being said ….. for kind hearts who would keep the stray cat but cannot afford the spay or the  neuter  … there are better possibilities for help now:

  • Spay Day in HRM has helped over 500 cats as of this writing.     Kind hearts who need tax deductions can also help by donating to their work!
  • While I would not presume to speak for any SPCA Branch, there is an SPCA Low-Cost Spay Neuter Clinic in the city.    Folks looking for help should also try contacting their local Branch to see if there is any spay neuter assistance available!
  • Once again, I would not presume to speak for all rescues, but there are quite a few out there who will help if someone is willing to foster or adopt a stray cat

And of course, for those who ARE ABLE, and want to make a lifesaving difference without adopting another cat, it can be very helpful to donate the cost of a spay or neuter to their local rescue or shelter!


At the end of the day …. at the risk of stating the obvious …. one of the most significant steps that any cat owner can take to help with the whole cat over population thing is to spay or neuter their own pets!

Thinking of getting a new cat?    Looking for a real deal?     At the risk of sounding like a stuck record .. there is no better ‘bargain’ than adopting a cat!     Adoption fees are only a fraction of what the actual vaccination and spay / neuter fees represent in ‘street value’!    PS .. if you are wondering about the lovely cat at the top of this post, her name is Mulan and she is available for adoption from Safe Haven Animal Rescue in Berwick!


If you are in the HRM area and are looking to adopt … or simply want to know how to help …. the next Meow Movers is being held this Saturday!    Hint , hint … what a great way to warm up after the Anti Tethering March, eh?


What time is it?   It is always time to remember that we as individuals can always do something to help make our community a better and kinder place!

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.    Mother Teresa

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