Something worth celebrating ….

Do you live in Nova Scotia?    Are you an animal lover?    Are you on Facebook?    Then odds are you will not need to check your preferred weather forecast!

Why?     Because if you are one of over fourteen thousand followers of The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network,  then weather warnings … such as tomorrows Winter Storm Watch … are already in your news feed!

This week   ( actually yesterday to be precise ),  The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network celebrated its third birthday!   Wow!    Where does the time go?

In three short years, NSLDN has gone from being a great idea to an integral part of the animal loving community!    How did they do it?   With hard work and dedication of course!

Now it is probably very helpful that this is very likely the only animal related website to be found on Facebook that focuses exclusively on the animals and leaves drama at the door!

Why is that important?     Here in the real world, many rescue folks really do not seem to realize how off-putting scolding and serial drama can be for those outside the rescue community, eh?       Not to be mean … but it is no coincidence that the only site with so many followers is the only one where kind hearts can simply come and help!

Fourteen thousand followers!    But wait … there are even more impressive numbers!   On The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network website,  there are one hundred and sixty-four full PAGES of Happy Endings!    What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that at ten Happy Tails per page,  as of this writing there are an incredibly impressive 1642 Happy Endings!

Why is THAT so important?     That answer is so simple even a senator could understand it!    That sum is greater than the total number of dogs who have made it back home to the people who already know and love them!    It has also kept a staggering 1642 rescue and shelter slots free for dogs that have been genuinely homeless!

Does that mean that all who have been lost … or found … have ended happily?    Sadly no!     In the resolved cases section, there is a page called Rainbow Bridge for the ones who had passed on when they were found.     How many?    In three years, there have been 52 dogs  … or roughly 17 a year 😦      One can only imagine how many more Unhappy Endings there would be without NSLDN!

What time is it?    It is always time to salute the kind of dedication that makes The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network possible!

PS …. it is also time to for us all to heed their latest weather warning and keep our own pets safe in the storm ahead!

“It all started with Annie…”   fr The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network


Baby Tino is the 1642nd Happy Ending for NSLDN!


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