Reading the writing on the basement wall ….

His name will not be Buster for very much longer!   Why would I say that?    Does that mean an imminent Unhappy Tail for this brave little guy?

Not even close!      Quite the opposite actually!   A couple of days ago, life took an abrupt turn for the better for this badly treated boy!      After years of living locked up in a basement, someone had contacted ARC to see if they would take this fellow.

So what WAS the problem?   Gee … this dog was not living outdoors in the elements!   There WAS food and water …. which of course became mixed in with the inevitable excrement on the basement floor 😦

At the end of the day,  he was still as isolated and lonely as any guard dog sentenced to life on the end of a chain 😦   The only difference of course being that he was not sitting out there for all the world to see 😦

Buster is not the first dog to be rescued in this province from such conditions!   Dogs have been living in garages and barns … and yes .. basements … for as long as anyone can remember!   Is it legal?   Or even humane?      Each and every time it begs the obvious question as to why on earth would a person even have a dog only to lock them away in an outbuilding or a basement!

The Minister has already told everyone who would listen that he is planning on taking the society’s suggestions for anti tethering almost ‘word for word’!    What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that we can only conclude from that statement that setting a twelve-hour time limit on outdoor tethering was the society’s idea!

Why would they do that?    Have not all experts who were consulted been crystal clear about how problematic time limits are to enforce?       In the absence of costly 24/7 surveillance,  any grad fresh out of law school could easily beat any charge based on time limits 😦

Now this is where some folks are going to want to start throwing things at their computer!    I still maintain that it is not in the society’s best interests to have enforceable anti tethering laws … particularly in the absence of any meaningful funding from the province.      As of this writing, the society’s own bylaws still allow for the killing of treatable and savable animals if a branch or shelter does not have adequate resources.    What would happen to those nice squeaky clean No Kill stats if they had to seize too many dogs in poor condition?

But I am wandering afield as I am often wont to do in my meandering way!   Lets get back to Buster’s story!     Did the fact that he technically lived indoors mean that he was well cared for?   Not even close!

So how DID Buster’s first visit to the vet go yesterday?     Sadly there were NO surprises there!   Here in the real world, responsible pet owners  generally spend a minimum of a hundred dollars a year on vet care!

What happens when an eight year old dog has clearly not been well cared for?   Why then it is no surprise … at least to an experienced rescuer … that Busters first vet bill is at least eight times that!      When a dog is underweight and malnourished, it is no surprise to see skin issues and infections!

Will this affect ARC’s own No Kill status?   Absolutely not!    They will not say … gee we don’t have enough money to help … or gosh we would just have to put him down!    No sir!    Like any reputable rescue, they will simply roll up their fundraising sleeves and do whatever it takes to give this great guy his first chance at the good life!   ( PS … anyone wanting to help with that could  CLICK HERE )

So how IS Buster doing?     His Foster Mum tells me he is taking to his new life like a duck to water!     Happily, Buster is a dog and that means he is able to live in his new ‘now’!      He may not be used to a kind and gentle touch, cuddling on the couch,  having clean food or fresh water or even going outside  … but this boy is a quick study and catching on fast!

What time is it?    It is time to remember that first and foremost these new regulations are meant to protect the animals and should not become simply a political ploy  to appease the public!

 Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it’s addressed to someone else.   Ivern Ball


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