The only thing written in stone

As a gardener, I love this time of year!   Really?    Why would I say that?    What on this Good Earth could one possibly do in the garden at this time of year?

Like anything else in life … it takes more than a decent plan to get a good garden off the ground … so to speak!   One has to be able to adjust and adapt!   Otherwise if one is too rigid … or too resistant to change … the original plan will eventually wind up gathering dust 😦

This is the time of year when most gardeners reevaluate their work!  Why would they need to do that?   Well … here in the real world, the best laid plan might turn out to be too shaded /  unprotected / wet / awkward to water / etc … .   Good gardeners do not just plug along with the original idea, eh?   Rather, they learn from experience and adapt their practices accordingly!

Last week, the animal loving community in this province was horrified to see yet another heartbreaking death of a dog chained out in the cold!    There are so many disturbing aspects of that tragic tale one has to take a breath to list them!

First and foremost … beyond the horrible suffering that poor dog endured of course …. is the simple fact that noone would have ever heard about this story if it had not been leaked to the media by an irate animal advocate!

Then there was the appalling coincidence that the same day that the SPCA investigator had to chip that poor dead dog out of the ice,  the only thing we saw on Facebook were smiling pictures of animal advocates meeting with the Minister!

That day … the day that David Ross was faced with such a gruesome task … was the time to go public !     Sadly the society did not seize on the very timely educational opportunity to help protect other dogs suffering in the cold 😦

Then of course there was the all too familiar refrain that no action would be taken until the necropsy results were in.   Did the dog die of exposure?   Or was it perhaps ill?  Old ?    Suffering from a ‘preexisting condition?     Not to be mean, but if the dog was ill or old or had any existing health issues,  there should be no question in anyone’s mind that it was animal cruelty and animal abuse to leave a dog untended and uncared for like that 😦

As a sidebar note to that …. in light of such strong public feedback that their phone lines were jammed, it comes as no surprise to see that THIS necropsy revealed that this  frozen dead dog had died of exposure!    Does this portend better prospects ahead for future cases?

Hmmm!     The gardener in me truly hopes that the society is able to adapt their own plan!     Not to be mean … but there is much more at stake here than whether the deer will be able to eat the darned hostas!

Last year, when the (then) Minister suggested that his own department should assume responsiblity for all cruelty investigations in lieu providing funding for the society, he was gobsmacked at the public opposition to that!    Bear in mind that this support very generously came from the same advocates who had been blacklisted by the society for criticizing their cruelty investigators, eh?

What would happen today .. or this week .. or this month if the new Minister was to announce that the animals would be better served without the society’s help?   Would there be such overwhelming support?

Even this middle-aged granny can see the writing on that wall, eh?    I have yet to hear an interview where the new Minister has had any praise to speak of for the society.   More importantly, he has been meeting with and listening to the same advocates who have faced years of frustration with society cruelty investigators.

In spite of our differences, I have always maintained that the best way forward for the animals needs every piece of the puzzle.    That being said, there is never, ever any place in the big picture for pieces that do not … or will not .. fit!

What time is it?   It is time for someone at the society to remember that the only thing written in stone is a monument.

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