The problem with procrastinating ….

My dogs clearly love, love, love being outside!   It does not even matter whether we are off for a hike or just puttering around the play yard!    Around here there is always something interesting to scent!  Even better, out here there is usually the opportunity to see sort of wild thing wandering by!

Best of all of course is that they do not HAVE to stay outside!     On a bitter cold day like this, as soon as anyone starts doing the ‘holy cr** its cold out high step, we hustle back inside to our cozy warm house!

Sadly, not every dog has that opportunity!    As it stands right now, there is very little on the books to protect an “outside” dog 😦    The legal status quo is such that dogs can … and do … freeze to death on the end of a chain.    Even then, odds are charges will not be laid!

Lets face it ….. this bitter cold morning is not a freak occurence!     We do not normally bask in balmier temperatures heading into the holidays!  This is normal Nova Scotia weather for this time of year!

This early in the season, we can look forward to months … and months  … of more chilly weather, eh?   Gosh …  a person could rebuild an engine or grow out their hair and still have time to spare!

So how ARE those new regulations doing?   Remember them?   The ones that our Department of Agriculture was supposed to be working on prior to the election?    That were purportedly going to include anti tethering measures?

On the seventh of November, anti tethering advocate Scott Saunders DID receive another letter from Keith Colwell, the new Minister of Agriculture.      Apparently, his Department needs “more time”   because of “significant interest in these regulations”!    A plain language draft was promised in the ‘near future”    In closing, the Minister asks that all further questions be directed to his Director of Policy and Planning, Ernest Walker.

Webmaster update:   Scott tells me that although the letter was dated the 7th, it was not actually mailed until November 27th.   “At the time, I asked what the delay was for and nobody could give me an answer.”  Sadly that speaks volumes to me about just how far down the priority list that animal welfare is to our new Liberal Minister of Agriculture 😦

That was five weeks ago today!    Clearly … in politicianspeak … soon does not mean before any more dogs freeze to death!

At times, politicians and bureaucrats have a lot in common with hedge fund managers and currency traders.    Why do I say that?   Because sometimes they all get so caught up in the elegance of the process that it is easy to overlook the simple fact that there are real consequences for their actions.

While the Minister’s staff come to work in (presumably) heated offices, the animals are still waiting!    To be fair, odds are that nobody working on these regulations would leave their personal pets out in the cold!

That does not change the fact that while folks are (presumably) hard at work creating the best of all possible regulations, the animals are still waiting!     And here we are, five weeks later and winter is in full throttle!    Indeed, if the Weather Network is right, we can expect our first storm of the season this weekend!

During the election, the NS Liberals told us that “Animal cruelty is an unsettling issue and we take this matter very seriously”.     Not to be mean, but how does this statement square up against the simple fact that the animals are still out in the cold?

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that one of the best bits about living in a democracy is that each and every person is able to communicate issues of concern to our elected officials.

Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day.  German Proverb

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