The beauty of light ….

I love being in the woods at this time of year!   Poets and minstrels may natter on about the circle of life … but for my money, the trails are lighter and brighter once all the leaves are down!    That colorful carpet of leaves does double duty by providing both beauty and all sorts of ‘surprises’ to be scented out!   Really it is just frosting on the cake that those darned bugs are just a bad memory by now!

To be perfectly honest, even all that pales beside the sure knowledge that our Nova Scotia winters seldom wait for the official calendar kickoff next month!    Every day we can enjoy all this before we need boots and snowshoes and the trusty sled for the little dogs is made all the more precious, eh?    We know it won’t last forever, so we simply enjoy it now!

It is no secret that I have a soft spot for senior pets!     Folks who worry about the whole ‘circle of life’ thing cutting their time together short simply do not get it.    There is a special brightness to a seasoned pet that is completely separate and apart from the cuteness of puppies and kittens!

Time is a human hangup, eh?   We worry about finding enough time in the day … the week … the month .. or even the year!     We think of it as investment … how long will the warranty last?     We measure our work by how much we are paid by the hour / week / month!   When it comes to love, our inner three years olds all expect it to last forever!

If I go out to empty the compost bucket / bring in an armful of wood / or even check the mail at the end of the lane …. the greeting is just as warm as if I had been away whale watching for hours!

Straight, sweet and simple … there is a LOT of joy to be had for anyone who opens their home and their heart to a senior pet!

Does this mean that there are no tears?   Of course not!    This week … completely and unexpectedly ….  Cookie was lost to us forever with a massive stroke!     One minute I was dropping her off for her first appointment with my groomer  …. and the next I was dashing back to rush Cookie to my vets!

After everything that Cookie had been through, it was utterly heartbreaking for her to have only had a couple of months living the good life!    I am human … so I cannot help wishing there had been years and years, eh?

Does that mean that I regret saying ‘yes I will foster her’?   Of course not!     Even though it was clear early on that Cookie might become a palliative care foster, she was still full of joy and bounce and fun!     When a dog has had a hard start … it is an honor and a privilege to offer them the opportunity of a better life

Really .. there is no way to measure the value of that!

At the end of the day,  there is also no way to assign any guarantees of longevity to pets of any age!      We can only love them with all our hearts while they are here …. so that when they leave us we can keep them in our hearts forever!

Love is not consolation. It is light.   Friedrich Nietzsche

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