Just brimming with pawsibilities!!!


Who does not love pudgy little puppies?    Really … what is not to love about these little ones?    They are happy and well fed …. safe and comfy and warm … and just brimming with pawsibilites!

Anyone seeing them for the first time now would be hard pressed to imagine that they were left in a cardboard box to fend for themselves when they were newborns.   To be perfectly honest … their Almost Unhappy Tail is actually ever so much worse BECAUSE it was NOT a unique event!  Sadly, finding unwanted infants in boxes and bags and sacks sewn up with stones continues to be a commonplace thing 😦

In this particular case, the three-day old puppies came into the care of Lab Rescue Nova Scotia.   It has taken a village … of family and friends and foster mums … to help these wee ones without a mother dog to help!     Did all of them make it?   Sadly no … with such a hard start … three of the foundlings soon slipped away!

Happily the rest have responded very well to good care and Lab Rescue Nova Scotia is now accepting adoption applications for the little ones.  As of this writing, only one has been spoken for, eh?

What a perfect time to bring home a puppy!    Winter’s hard weather is still ( hopefully ) weeks and weeks away … which makes practical bits like house training easier on everyone 🙂

Nine puppies without a mom are ever so much more than a huge amount of caregiving work!    Here in the real world there is no free lunch … or vet care either!      So what did the fun-loving folks at Lab Rescue do?    Why they had the mother of all clever fundraising ideas!     Tickets were sold where kind hearts could ‘guess’ the puppies parentage!

What did the DNA mix turn out to be?    Great Dane?  Rhodesian Ridgeback?   Nope!    Not even close!   First breed……..australian cattle dog!   Second….flat coated retriever!   Third … german short-haired pointer!  Who knew?   A second test done on one of the others came back exactly the same!       ( the testy topic of how inaccurately mixed breeds are misidentified is a sorry subject that sits at the heart of objections to BSL, eh? )

Can kind hearts still help?   You bet!      On Sunday, the 27th of October, folks can join in the fun of the Annual Lab Fest!  ( see poster below for details )   And … on Dec 7th … there will be all the fun of  Santa Pics at Pet Valu in Fall River ( details to follow on that one)

What time is it?     For anyone looking to enrich their lives with a puppy, it is definitely time to put in an app 🙂    PS    Click Here for their Petfinder Listing




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