Wishing … and waiting … for winners …

I love this time of year!    There is another hard frost warning for tonight …. but this late in the season there is little left in the garden to cover up!    Once the sage is harvested this afternoon, there will only be one pumpkin and few determined zucchini left  to coddle!

This is also ‘report card’ time for this season!    How did those new varieties of seed stack up against the old standbys?   Was the greenhouse planted early enough?   Is it time to invest in row covers to take better advantage of the spring rain?

Here in the real world, gardeners do not need a scientific study to see how the climate has been changing!     The proof of the pudding is measured in practicalities such as precipitation, first and last frost and of course the garden yield itself!

Yet the animal loving community is still a country mile away from ‘report card day’ by any measure!    Why should I say that?

The answer is simple!   There have been two … possibly three .. big changes that we have seen this fall!     First of course has been that the society has a new ED to go along with the new Draft Motion for Change.    As a sidebar note to that,  October is not just Cruelty Awareness Month for the society this year!   It is also Revise the Constitution Month …. apparently at the request of Revenue Canada … and the meeting to approve that is being held tomorrow at 5:30 pm at the Dartmouth Oceanview Hotel at 65 King Street in Dartmouth, NS.

In the spirit of fair play, I have decided to let the new chips fall where they may … so to speak … with the society!   The glass half full girl in me is hoping to see better days ahead with new leadership, a new rule book and a new constitution, eh?    That ship should sink or sail on its own merits, imho!

The second big change has hypothetically already happened … and that of course is the time and energy so many have invested into the new regulations!       As of this writing, the plain language draft is still scheduled for release by the end of this month.   Speculation has been rife but unless they become collateral election damage, October should also be New Regulations for the Animals Month.    Prior to the election we were assured by the NDP that Anti Tethering would be included …. but as of this writing we have no idea if the new regs will be Darrell Dexter’s legacy or one more broken promise!

Now the third bit is the wild card!    Were we overreacting when Lloyd Hines was included in the Liberal roster?   Will Stephen McNeil keep his promise?    Or will we see the ugly specter of BSL rearing its ugly head in this province yet again?

What time it is?     It might be early days to judge … but it is always, always time to pay attention!

Losers make promises they often break.  Winners make commitments they always keep.  Denis Waitley

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