Don’t just sit there …. Speak!

Yesterday I sent my / aka  The Nova Scotia Homeless Pet Project’s submission in to our provincial Dept of Agriculture.    In the sprint of full disclosure, my cover letter clearly stated that it would also be published on my blog.    ( Actually it is on a page in the section of this site devoted to my own little ‘white papers’ on animal welfare )

Not every animal lover in the province  is willing or able to send in their own proposal.    Yet I still would encourage those who are not sending in a proposal to contact the committee to let them know that this is an issue of great importance to you as a voter.

One of the neat little things about blog posts is that one can also share them by email.   At the bottom of every post on this blog  there is a little share button.  One of the options it offers is to email the post.

Some folks will want to craft their own email.    But … in this busy world of getting kids ready for back to school and registered in activities … not everyone is going to have time for that.   For the benefit of busy folks who still want to be heard, the next post is a simple little form letter expressing voter interest in the new regulations.     Please feel free to use it and if you do, please address it to

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