Helping our politicians to choose ….

It is no secret that I love to bake bread!    Does that mean that every batch turns out perfect?    Of course not!   Even after forty plus years of practice there is still the odd batch that is .. to put it politely .. a non starter!

Over the years I have learned one thing about making bread!   If the yeast does not bloom quickly, there is no point in proceeding!      Like any other living thing, yeast can be a bit unpredictable … but there is always a physical reason why it will not bloom!   Either the yeast is too old or the water was too hot or cold!     At the end of the day, it will simply be a waste of all the other ingredients to finish making the dough!

Really .. rather a bit like life!   Here in the real world we all live by trial and error!  Otherwise we would all find our prince/  best career path /  dream house / best parenting style / hidden talents / et al … first time around, eh?

That is why I was thrilled to see People for Dogs solidly back on track advocating for Anti Tethering!   So you can just imagine how pleased I was to see a new “10,0000 Likes Challenge” on their Facebook page!   Why?    Sheesh the answer to THAT is so simple a small child could understand!   There is always strength in numbers when ‘talking to politicians’!

As a matter of fact, I have thought some of their suggestions so sensible that I have even revised Janet’s Little Five Point Plan!

1.  No unattended tethering!   By all accounts .. from every reputable expert on the subject, this is the only measure that can  realistically be enforced.     While it would not prevent tethering, it would make it illegal to substitute a junk yard dog for a sensible security system … and would protect pets from being left unprotected in the elements while their owners went on vacation … or from being hung to death off a deck 😦

2.   Ban the use of electronic fencing within 500 meters of a school yard.

3.    People cited for any dog related offence must attended mandatory obedience training

4.  Set minimum standards of care  …  and put the onus on pet owners to provide proof, in the form of vet records or by providing their clinic name and permission to check  upon request for society inspectors if there is any question about the pet’s well-being.  Inspectors should not need to waste time getting a warrant!    Anyone can stick a bowl of water and food out when the inspector comes but you can’t fake that

5.   Provide protection for pets travelling in cars with their humans !  How to do that fairly when pet owners run the gamut from the owner who left his dog to suffer and die a horrible death in a hot car to the avid rescuer who pulls out all the stops for those she is transporting?     Common sense cannot be legislated!   The only realistic way to educate the general public about leaving dogs in hot cars is to provide a specific temperature range in a regulation that bans the practice of leaving pets unattended in cars!  Here in the real world, it is sadly the only way we will stop seeing stories in the news about dogs dying in hot cars!   In the summer if I have to gas the car on the same day as one of my pets have an appointment at the vet,  I make a separate trip to do so, because I have learned that paying for gas can take time if the person ahead of me in line is checking their lotto tickets for the last month, eh?     Of course, people could always pay at the pump too, eh?

What time is it?   It is always time to support the hard work that will help make our province a safer place for our children and grandchildren!

To paraphrase John Kenneth Galbraith, if we want our politicians to make a better law for the animals by writing better regulations … then it is up to all of us to show them that it is neither disastrous nor unpalatable to do so!    In other words … it is time to share, share , share the People for Dogs page so that our provincial government can see that it is not risky business at all!


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