The worst security system ever …..

I was an adult before I realized how very lucky I was to have lived in Germany for four years with my folks.    Does that mean that I did not appreciate all the wonderful places we saw?   Of course not!    Yet when I was young, I would gladly have traded even being able to visit  Neuschwanstein for the simple comfort of never having to leave friends and family behind!

Although my parents were great about getting us out into the world beyond the base gates, there is no denying that at that time the military community was a close-knit group.   We all spoke English … we all knew what bologna was and we all missed english speaking tv!

Of all the folks who came to the house, my very favourite people were the dog handlers!   Even back in the dog-politically incorrect sixties … these guys LOVED their dogs!   In those early cold war days before electronic security made their jobs obsolete …  these marvelous men and their brilliant dogs played a critical role in security!

Does that mean that these days it is only military that can afford big state of the art electronic security systems?   Of course not!   Both my cell phone and cable providers offer very impressive and affordable systems!   Even better, parents can now keep a closer eye on ‘latch key kids’ who are too old for a babysitter!   Best of all of course is that one can even set up webcams to monitor remote hunting camps and cottages from one’s cell!

People who believe that a chained dog offers a sensible security system are overlooking a few basic facts:

  • back in the day, military guard dogs were effective because they were ALWAYS teamed with human partners on patrol!    They were well-trained and well cared for ‘partners’ in peak condition who never, ever had to live outside on the end of a chain!
  • these day, working police dogs do such a good job because during their off duty hours they live with their human partners … indoors!
  • a chained dog is the only security system that can be silenced with a bullet or poison … or even a female in heat or a good steak!
  • at the risk of stating the obvious .. a chained dog can only reach to the end of his chain
  • it is a documented fact that all dogs are pack animals.    A well-loved and well cared for dog that lives INSIDE the house offers much better family protection
  • any business using an electronic surveillance system can claim the cost as a business expense .. which is a tax break that is not available to those only using chained dogs.
  • Dogs that are chained regularly bark.   Unlike an electronic surveillance system … police will have no way of knowing if the dog is barking!    Even if they do hear it … odds are folks will simply think there is that poor dog … or that  &*%^$# dog barking again 😦

What time is it?   It is time to recognize that using a chained dog as a security system is right up there with depending upon coitus interuptus to prevent pregnancy.

PS .. It is also time to remember that the hard-working advocates at People for Dogs are working on a good Anti Tethering proposal to present to our provincial government!   If you have not already visit their Facebook page and ‘liked’ it  … it is time to do that too.   While you are there you can follow their progress as they prepare!

This dog certainly is not going to be able to protect anything   ... . but we can all take comfort because "Williams said the owner had been meeting the minimum standards of care for the animal."

This dog certainly is not going to be able to protect anything … . but we can all take comfort because “Williams said the owner had been meeting the minimum standards of care for the animal.”

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