Saturday is the Summer Sizzle !

I love baking with Red Fife flour!   Is it because the wheat it is milled from is an important part of our Canadian agrarian heritage?    Or perhaps that the flour I buy at our local Health Food store is organic and comes from a mill in nearby New Brunswick?   Was it the challenge of learning how to work with such a different textured grain?  Or is it simply … to be a bit earthy .. that there is no need for probiotics when eating such healthy food?

Really .. it is just frosting on the cake that ev everything made with my “new” favourite thing just plain tastes better!

It is no secret that I really love the Meow Movers cat adoption events either!    In a world where free kittens are only a mouse click away, it is important to make it easier … not harder … for kind hearts to adopt a cat!

This Saturday, July 6th, local cat rescues and 2nd Chance Charity for Animals are having another one of these awesome events…. this time cleverly called  The Meow Movers Summer Sizzle   ( see poster below for details )

What time is it?  It is always time to spread the word about these events 🙂



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