Better than a basket full of homeless kittens ….

At long last, all the bits and pieces from both my blogs and my personal site are all set up under one lovely ( I hope) umbrella!      It has been a real learning curve for this middle aged granny …  and like any big move, it has been a fair bit of work.

Why bother?   Why not just stay with the ever so much easier free blogging site?  Was it work the work?   From my perspective, you bet!   I have a wider range of toys to play with and a lot more design liberty.   For instance,  I could not use java scripts .. like the petfinder pet bits or the nivo sliders with the free blogging site.    Who knew I was going to spend my second childhood embracing my inner geek?

That is why I am in such awe of the work my friend Melissa Lee does with her rescue SHAR!    It would be MUCH easier for her to just putter along with her grooming business and her life … instead of pulling out all the stops for the kitties!

Even more impressive, she is one of those rare rescuers who can still be polite and courteous to everyone!   From fellow rescuers to laypeople who think that tweny dollars is a suitable donation for surrendering a litter of kittens, I have yet to hear her utter anything impolite in public earshot!

Most impressive of all is that she has been doing this for years!    Back when I first started up the original blog, Melissa was already promoting spay neuter, doing TNR and saving every cat she could!

That of course has meant that over the years there has been a LOT of fundraising!    It really is a cat(ch) 22 that the busiest rescuers can barely spare the time to fund-raise … yet if they do not … there would of course be no funds for rescuing!  When is the next one?     Her next fundraiser will be at the Windemere Hall in Berwick, on Saturday, July 16th!

Boy oh boy … are funds ever needed right now!   Currently SHAR has fifteen kittens in care …. see slide show below 🙂    and seven adults!   Sheesh … last week, Melissa spent over five hundred dollars just on vaccines for the kittens!

As a sidebar note to that, if you are looking for ways to help and cannot make the fundraiser, why not go SHAR’s lovely new website for ideas?

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that little rescues like SHAR are powered by volunteer love .. so every bit that is donated goes directly to the kitties 🙂     What is better than a basket full of homeless kittens?   Why the hard working kind hearts who rescue them, of course!

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