Embrace the love without the sleepless nights !

I will never, ever forget my little Winnie Bear!    Do I wish that we were able to have more time together?   You bet!    No matter how much time we are granted with our good dogs, it is never enough, eh?    

At some point in time though, death is the price we all pay for living.   Dogs are essential for our well-being because they teach us to live in the Now!   A dog does not say “I am too old to be loved” or “I am not healthy enough to be loved”!   

They do not wait to love until later!  Dogs embody the spirit of Carpe Deum and we are all richer for it!

Which is why I believe that the very best way to honor the memory of a good dog we have loved is to open our homes and our hearts to another !      We cannot change the past … but we CAN create a better future for another good dog!

Does that mean I was in a rush to run out and find a puppy?   Absolutely not!    When one is used to the mellow ways of a senior pet … bringing a youngster into the house would simply be too much of a shock to everyone’s system!

The good news of course is that seasoned dogs come into rescue as often as their younger counterparts!   Why would anyone want to part with such treasures?   Sadly, sometimes dogs outlive their caretakers!    Sadder still, when seniors cannot care for themselves, their faithful friends are seldom able to follow them into care.

The worst bit of course is that many kind hearts see only the number of birthday candles and overlook the real blessings that senior pets bring to the table.     Lets face it … senior pets are a perfect fit for anyone who has recently lost an older pet.   After living with the Zen of an older pet, even the most appealing youngster can be too much of a transition!

It truly is a myth that one cannot teach old dogs new tricks!   Every senior who has stepped in this door has settled in so smoothly that the casual observer could not guess they had not lived their whole lives here!    To be quite frank, if everyone understood how lovely mature pets are, there would never be enough to meet the demand 🙂

So people who know me well were not one bit surprised when I decided to adopt my latest foster dog, Mandy!    She is a sweet little senior who came here when her Mum had to go into care and is already the apple of everyone’s eye here!   

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, the casual observer could not possibly imagine that Mandy only arrived here on the first of June.   She was savvy enough to show beautiful dog social skills from the start and clever enough to catch our routine right away!   Really …. she is like a poster girl for all the very best bits about senior pet adoption, eh?

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that senior dogs really are more experienced at love!



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