Please copy and paste this in an email to your MLA

From the People for Dogs Facebook page,   written by one of my favourite people in this universe, Nahleen Ashton … who was the foster Mum who nourished Quinn on his long road back to health and introduced him to the joys of domestic bliss!

Dear MLA,

As a member of our government you have an obligation to listen to the public. For years the public has been asking for changes to legislation that bans the 24/7/365 tethering of dogs. We are still here, asking for these same changes and we are not going away.

How is it that a dog can be chained outside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, suffering and this is still considered legal and acceptable? Let me tell you about Quinn.

Quinn was tied outside to a short chain for the first 8 years of his life. He never went inside. He never knew care. Quinn had no hair around his neck where he had been permanently tied. He lived in his own filth, battled snowstorms, hurricanes, hot summer heat, flies and other parasites. 1/3 of the hair on his body had fallen off and oozing sores covered his skin instead. He had chronic ear infections which were never medically addressed. He was so itchy that he had hair embedded in his teeth from biting at the fleas that were sucking his blood day in and day out. His head is crooked and part of his ear is sliced in two, likely from physical abuse caused by a human.

Had it not been for the fact that Quinn’s owner became ill and went into the hospital, he would have died at the end of his chain, but not before suffering countless more years. Thankfully the RCMP officers seized Quinn. Because the RCMP took the time to go get him and because someone spoke up for him, he lives today. Not because the law protected him, but because of a fluke. Our government still says that this is okay and that the laws are working. Is it not unfair to let a living being live like this? Are you sure?

At the end of every leash is a voter. We are not going away.



Webmaster Note:   Please click here for contact information for our NS MLA’s

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