And now for a tiny bit about technology

I love May!    What is not to love?     May is a time of promise!   Freshly tilled gardens offer up a pristine blank slate for planting!    Ponds and waterways are still full to the brim!    Nor have predators caught up with the little songbirds / bunnies / ducklings that are a such a delight!

In other words … it is a time of possibilities yet to be marred by weeds and weather!    As a glass half full kind of gal,  such incurable optimism is right up my alley!    After all, I could not do the work that I do if it was not underpinned by a firm belief that it is possible to effect change!

Have I always been this optimistic?   Most of the time!   How has that worked?    Hey … I am human not Little Miss Suzy Sunshine … so sometimes with it has been with mixed results!    Long time readers will remember when I banished the old blog from cyberspace in a huge fit of pique five years ago!   

I learned a few valuable lessons from that experience!   #1 … if you are using a free blogging service, do not delete your blog!    #2   If you are using said free service and DO delete your blog .. make sure you restore it within thirty days!   (sheesh … i did NOT know I could do that … at least not then … lol )   And #3 …. that it seems to be physically impossible for me to stop doing the work that I do!

By comparison, my “other” blog has been a steady science experiment!   At one point it was a gardening blog …. until I realized the obvious bit that I was too busy during gardening season to actually blog!    Periodically it has been purely about simple living!    For the last few years, it has been more journal than blog … and being hosted on my personal site has lacked all the blog bells and whistles I am more accustomed to now!

Lets face it .. I really do not have time to maintain both blogs!   What does that mean in realspeak?   Am I closing down this one?  That one?   Nope!

It means that sometime in the next week or two  … weather and woodstacking permitting 🙂 …. I am shifting the whole schmoo over to my personal site.   If you have been wondering why you haven’t seen so much from me lately .. this is why.   I have been busy mastering the ins and outs of the WordPress software!

Is this one of those out of the blue, mid-life madness things?   Absolutely not!   When I moved my blog over to the free WordPress blogging this time last year, this was always the long-term goal.    I am a middle-aged grandmother, not an IT professional, so learning the WordPress ‘lingo’ was a good first step!    First things, first, eh?

What will that mean for readers?    Not much from the ‘front end’!    Basically a new bookmark 🙂  The only real difference is that my personal site will be powered by the lovely .. and free … open source WordPress software!   

In other words, blog readers will now have access to both blogs … along with all the other useful little bits of information about gardening, cooking, simple living even Granny’s Survival Guide 🙂  

As a sidebar note to this … there really is a method to my madness!    Even this middle-aged granny understands that technology is changing!   That unless one is a ‘gamer’, the desktop computer is headed down the same road as the dinosaurs!     In other words … that my next computer will probably be a tablet 🙂

What time is it?   If someone is going to  keep leaving that darn soapbox out where I can find it .. then it is time for me to set it up on my own ‘turf’ 🙂

PS … Heather D’Etremont you were right!    I do love WordPress!   Its free!  It’s easy to work with!    And best of all, it’s up in the cloud so the next time a computer or hard drive tanks I do not have all the work of building my sites from scratch 🙂

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