More than one kind of seed to plant…..

It is no secret that I love to garden!   For many Canadian gardeners, the Victoria Day weekend is the traditional time to plant kitchen gardens of all sorts and sizes.    

What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that Victoria Day also trumpets in the most terrible time for stray and feral cats!   Before the keyboards catch on fire … yes I know that winter is a hardship … but that is nothing to compare to the tragedies that befall cats that wander into the wrong garden 😦

Country or not … my neighbourhood is no exception to this Unhappy Rule.    There are some passionate gardeners around here who see absolutely nothing wrong with trapping all trespassing cats and passing them off to animal control as if they were rubbish to be disposed of 😦

To make matters worse …. we are just the right distance from the village to be a popular dumping ground for cats when people are moving!    To paraphrase James Herriot, I could do terrible things to anyone that I actually caught tossing away their family pets like the trash!

But of course, we never catch the culprits!   They sail off utterly untroubled by the myriad of Unhappy Endings that await abandoned house pets who are utterly unprepared to fend for themselves!    In a world where renters are able to leave animals behind without consequences …. it would take a bigger optimist than I to think that this spring will be any different this year 😦

Does that mean that there is no hope?   That this will always continue?    Of course not!   There are very practical steps that can be taken that would serve as a helpful deterrent! 

  • Landlords can call the cruelty line when pets are abandoned on their premises and provide the particulars on the tenant(s).  
  • Friends and family of those who have to go away for work could offer to foster the pets until they get their feet on the ground.    
  • Even when owners can’t keep the pets, it is much easier to find a rescue to list Fluffy or Fido if they are not expected to provide shelter space or a foster slot!
  • And of course, last but not least, all municipalities would be well served by providing low and/ or no cost spay neuter!     It would reduce the emotional toil on their own Animal Control employees!   Even better, this would encourage kind hearts to take in that stray cat if the cost of the spay was no longer a factor!   Best of all of course is that such a move is just a wonderful way to teach children in the community the importance of the core value of compassion!

Yes … moving is stressful!   But if our pets could talk, they would the be the first to tell us that they would happily deal with that … rather than lose the family they know and love!

What time is it?   As we approach moving season, it is important to remember the value of word of mouth!   Most of us know at least one family who is moving … so this is the time to offer helpful hints and practical solutions so that no one has to be left behind!

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