Time to stop such insanity

If you live anywhere on this continent, odds are that you have seen the terrible tragic stories in the media about the death of Rehtaeh Parsons.   If you are at all familiar with the rescue community in Nova Scotia,  you would also be familiar with Rehtaeh’s Mother, Leah Parsons.

Why?   Leah and her  East Coast German Shepherd Rescue have been one of the mainstays of the animal rescue community in this province!    While I try not to play favourites, it is difficult not to have a special affection for those ‘nice guys” who never malign others!   Even better, Leah has never run her rescue with a limited mandate!  Old or young …. well-behaved or not … from NS and beyond … ECGSR have quietly been saving actual and ‘honorary’ German Shepherds for years now!  

Best of all, ECGSR sets a shining example by being everything a reputable rescue should be!   They carefully assess / vet check / alter and ‘home school’  all their adoptables so that interested kind hearts can adopt with confidence.   It really is just frosting on the cake that by their example, ECGSR have inspired other NS rescues to put social networking to life saving use!

So I was not surprised this morning when I read in Rehtaeh’s obituary in the Herald that in lieu of flowers that the family would like Rehtaeh’s love of animals to be honored in a couple of ways.     They would like folks to either visit the Metro SPCA for donations or to walk a dog …. or to donate to her Mother’s rescue … East Coast German Shepherd Rescue.

What time is it?   In the midst of all our anger and our angst, it is time to honor Rehtaeh’s memory in this very, very meaningful way!

Albert Einstein once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again with the expectation of different results.    If you live in Nova Scotia, please contact our Premier!   Let him know that the only way to start protecting our children properly is to find out where the Justice and Education systems failed to protect Rehtaeh!

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