Something to Celebrate!


I love hiking with the dogs on a day like this!   This morning’s snowy trails are just soft enough to offer a well needed workout for the big dogs (and myself) ….. but crusty enough that the old geezers can still skittle over the top 🙂

I am a middle-aged grandmother, not a professional athlete! To be perfectly honest, our morning hikes are the only reason I am still able to snack on cinnamon buns and eat brownies for breakfast!   More importantly,  walking is directly responsible for my  being the exception to the merry-go-round of meds rule that applies to so many my age!

Best of all of course is that is all this fun does double duty by exorcising all the unneccessary social networking spats and genuine real time drama that is part and parcel of living in the real world.   Although I often joke that balance can only be found when one has a cookie in each hand, my life with cats and dogs is the real reason I stay on an even keel!

We had a new little bundle of enthusiasm tagging along for todays hike!    Her name is Asia … and yes .. she is the little cutie pie pictured at the top of last Saturday’s post!   Somehow I suspect my  little ‘honorary shepherd’ foster doggie will not be here very long!   She is sweeter than last summer’s jam and so eager to please she will settle in anywhere!

So who is the little one at the top of today’s post?   Why this is Bubbles, who is one of the fifteen little doggies that are now under the loving umbrella of Atlantic Small Dog Rescue.   Although a couple have already been adopted, interested kind hearts should still check the ASDR Facebook page  or their lovely website for the latest updates on available doggies 🙂

Now I don’t have any pics of the doggies that have gone to the care of the Maritime Pit Society .… but odds are if you go their site there should soon be some info there!

The beauty pictured at the bottom of the post is very aptly named Gorgeous.   She is so lovely and sweet that one almost does not notice at first glance that she will still need substantial vet care to restore her skin to good health!  ( If anyone wants to help with her vet bills, please contact East Coast German Shepherd Rescue )

This whole California Dogs story has really highlighted all the best bits about the Maritimes!   The generosity of spirit!   The willingness to reach out and help others!   Even before this tale was being spun in the media, kind hearts were dropping off donations of coat and leashes and food!

It is really frosting on the cake that all this media attention is going to be good for ALL rescue, eh?   (the sticky subject of how some would prefer to only support locally rescued animal is right up there with those who insisted that helping the Haitians recover from the earthquake devastation was not our problem either, eh?   Somehow they seem to overlook that the media exposure is good for all rescues!   )

But I am wandering afield, as I often do in my meandering way!   Sometimes life has a way of sorting itself out better than any plans made on purpose!  If you will recall, The Third Annual Dancing for Dogs had to be postponed for last weekend’s storm!

Tonight, kind hearts will have the opportunity to help celebrate AND meet some of the Animal Rescue Corps folks who made this incredible journey!    And the best bit of course is that all this fun will go a long way to showing great dogs like Gorgeous what we Maritimers are really made of!

What time is it?  It is always time to wish that our politicians could spend our tax dollars as efficiently as animal rescuers spend theirs!


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