Open your heart and warm up your winter

I love little Uno!    Does that mean I am falling off the foster wagon and keeping him?   Gosh, no … although  to be honest… Uno is so sweet that I would have adopted him lickedty split if there were not five dogs in permanent residence here already!

In a way, sharing space with Uno  is a little like a summer love from my school years!     I know our relationship is not going to last forever … but both of us will wind up a little richer for the experience!

Uno was so fragile when he first arrived!    To be honest, words really cannot even begin to describe how satisfying it has been to watch Uno blossom into a healthier and more confident boy!

Actually, he is such a quick study that it took a while for us to realize that he really does not have any vision to speak of!    For that reason, East Coast German Shepherd Rescue would like any children in his new home to be old enough that living with Uno does not cramp their style 🙂

To be truthful, the other very satisfying bit is the knowledge that ECGSR was able to save Uno’s life because I said “yes … Uno can come here!”

If there is one common thread in all my conversations with my rescue buddies these days, it is that owner surrenders and strays are way up this winter!     What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that there has never been a time when the need for foster parents has been so desperate.

After all, most rescues are adept at rolling up their fundraising sleeves!  What they cannot do is conjure rescue slots out of thin air!

Straight, sweet and simple … there is no easier way to help out than volunteering to foster a homeless pet!    The rescues provide the food and vet care … all the foster parents have to add is the love!   Even better, it is a great way to socialize one’s own pets with others!   Best of all of course is the satisfaction of knowing that this simple act of volunteer love is a life saving game changer!

What time is it?   Who has not dreamed of winning a big lottery and starting a sanctuary?   While you are waiting for your ship to come in ….. if you are looking for a meaningful way to warm up your winter …. then it is time to stop worrying about what you cannot do!  In other words,  it is time to  consider opening your home and your heart to foster …. so that groups like ECGSR can save good pets like the laddie pictured here!

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.    John Wooden


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