The real cat’s meow ….

I love this time of year … when it is ‘dreamtime’ in the gardens.   Lets face it … the reason gardening is such a healthy activity is because it involves work!   A lot of work, actually!

Which is why these cold winter days are like a lovely little hiatus!   It is my time to catch up on all fun little bits that sit on the back burner when I am knee deep in gardening season!   From going to Frenchies to catching up on craft projects … this time of year is like a homely little holiday!

So, if I lived in the HRM area, you can guarantee that I would be going to the Cats Meow Winter Sale tomorrow!   There will be something for everyone there!   Local cat rescues will be selling all sorts of unique bits from cat crafts, toys , beds and beyond!

Even better, you city slickers who do not have five Frenchies within a half hours drive can have the fun of browsing through adult winter clothing!    Ahem .. not to tell tales out of school .. but I am sure that I am not the only one browsing for something more forgiving of my holiday feasting sins 🙂

Best of all of course, there will be a pawsitive potpourri of other fun bits to choose from.   Crafts and crafting materials!   Ornaments!   Antiques!  Jewelry!

It is almost frosting on the cake that the fun-loving folks from Spay Day will be holding a special debut of Tuxedo Stanley merchandise for Valentine’s Day!

Will there be any adoptable kitties?   Not this time  .. although stay tuned because the next Meow Movers is coming up soon!    Tomorrow is all about bargain hunting with all proceeds going to local rescues!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that our hard-working cat rescues are creating better communities for us all!   And THAT is the real cats meow!


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