Happy Anniversary to The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network !

It is no secret that I LOVE The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network!    We are so very lucky to have such a successful social networking resource here!    In the very short span of two years, the NSLDN has listed over 1000 dogs!   Lost Dogs!   Found Dogs!   Even Sighted and Roaming Dogs!

How many make it back home, which in NSLDNspeak is referred to as Safe N Sound?   Over Eighty Percent!   Wow, what astonishing odds!    That represents roughly 800 dogs that have been returned to the people who already know and love them!    Even better, all these happy endings have kept hundreds and hundreds of rescue slots free for dogs that are genuinely homeless!

Best of all of course is that all this hard work comes at no cost to our municipalities or our province because it is completely powered by volunteer love!

Really, it is just frosting on the cake that the NSLDN has been helping more people understand that … to paraphrase Tolkien … not all who wander are Stray.    Admittedly, some …. like yesterday’s report on a local radio station of a sighted dumping of a small dog in south end Halifax … are actually abandoned.    But for every worrisome story like that there are hundreds more ‘wanderers’ whose owners are actually looking for them, eh?

So how is The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network celebrating its birthday month?   By issuing a 10,000 likes challenge!  Why?   Because in a world where social networking is the secret to their success, NSLDN knows that the more ‘likes’ the more merrier “Happy Endings”

What time is it?   It is always, always time to “Like” anything that plays such an important role in pet retention in this province!



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