In praise of plowing the field

When the ‘weather outside is frightful’, there is nothing better than being able to enjoy a cozy fire!   Truth be told, these are more dangerous days for my waistline than the holiday season … with all the traditional  comfort foods that mysteriously seem to keep popping up on the menu 🙂

New Years Eve day is also a traditional time to look back and evaluate the year.    How did 2012 stack up?   What were the good, the bad and the ugly for 2012?

My very favourite things?   Happily there is more than one contender for the best and the brightest bits of 2012   Rather than assign any special order, I’ll take a page from my cell phone provider and go with the Top Ten list instead:

  • Tuxedo Stan !    Humour is always the best medicine and this little tongue in cheek campaign  gained mainstream media attention on a world wide stage and has moved the new HRM council to take a first step forward.
  • Spay Day NS!   In 2012 they  spayed & neutered 133 cats… bringing their grand total to date up to 256 cats!    It just boggles the mind to think just how many kittens have been prevented through this work!
  • The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network!  Once again, by putting social networking to good use, the hard-working ladies who maintain the site have reunited hundreds of lost and found dogs with the people who already love them ….which of course has helped to  prevent many Unhappy Tails and to keep rescue slots free for genuinely homeless pets.
  • Lost and Found Cats in HRM and NS !  While they sometimes wander astray from their original objective, they are still providing a valuable resourse that has both reunited lost kitties with those who love them … and found fosters and rescue slots for stray cats in need.
  • Maritime Animal Transport !    I have honestly lost count of the numbers of times that rescues have been made possible … that fosters were able to be transported  … and that Happy Tails were helped along the way through this simple little Facebook group!
  • The Ready Set Rescue Network!  This was originally an ASDR initiative that is developing into a valuable forum to connect rescuers with dogs in dire need.
  • People for Dogs.   This grassroots movement has tirelessly promoted the need for Anti Tethering Legislation in this province.   Their petition was presented in the House last month and we can expect to hear more from these hard-working advocates in the coming election year here in NS.
  • Meow Movers by Second Chance Charity for Animals …. this adoption event has done double duty by building bridges between cat rescuers, AND
  • Last but definitely NOT least … the good people of Cape Breton who opened their hearts (and their wallets) to provide so many of the services and products necessary to renovate the badly neglected renegade shelter after the interim injunction restored control of the shelter to the society!    There is a lesson there for the society … f you do whatever it takes to get a shelter on the right path, the community will respond in kind!

Does that mean I have no ‘least’ favourite things?   That there is nothing I find truly ugly?   Of course not!    Nor should anyone who follows this blog expect that to change in the year to come!

But … sometimes a list of favourite things is a good tool to remind us all that change IS possible!   When I first started this blog, who would have imagined that the horrible home-made gas chamber would be replaced with such enthusiasm for life?   That volunteers at the grassroots level would take us on such incredible journeys to cat adoption fairs, preventing homeless pets and actively promoting spay neuter?

What time is it?   It is always time to salute the folks who understand that one cannot plow a field by turning it over in one’s mind!

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.   Mary Anne Radmacher

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