The real spirit of the season does not come from a store

This time of year, television is chock full of lovely little tales about holiday miracles.    Some that we have grown up with …. along with a sprinkling of new efforts to capture the sentimental spirit of the season.    Why do the networks continue to create all these cheesey little specials and movies?

Because deep down … underneath even the most sophisticated veneers … we all want to believe that miracles can transcend ordinary, everyday reality!   We all love to root for the underdog child / single mother / homeless person / etc and believe that it is possible to convert the coldest and most cynical hearts!

Does that mean that there are NO miracles to be found outside of the small screen?    Of course not!   Anyone who has ever adopted a pet with a hard history knows that the road to a Happy Tail is a journey peppered with unanticipated joys!

I have seen how much courage every step forward has taken.    Super sized servings of trust have been needed to transcend every hurdle arising from such Unhappy back stories!   And yet here they are … full of fun and love and trust … embracing each day with a courage that would be the envy of any human PTSD councillor.

So .. am i all sappy and sentimental this morning because of the season?   Nope!   As you know …. we have a special little fellow here with us to heal.    While we are waiting for his own Happy Tail to come in, every day is a new and special treat!

Just before he came to us, Uno had an eye removed … along with a few little fatty lumps and the other bits all reputable rescues do 🙂    What a big change to get used to, eh?  How is he doing?    What do you think?   Uno is clearly not spending any time wondering why life took a turn for the better!

Instead, Uno is paying very close attention to what everyone else is doing and treating every new challenge like an adventure!     So far, the only hurdle he has not wrapped his mind around yet is screwing up his courage to come down the front steps …. although he bounces back up like a pro.

To be perfectly honest,  not even the time-tested holiday classics can compare with the joy of watching Uno discover the delights of domestic bliss / birdwatching / rummaging around the pond, etc …..

Unlike many guilty holiday pleasures … this experience will not add one single inch to my waist!   It won’t bottom out my bank account or put me in dutch with my credit card provider!

Do you know what the best thing is?   Long after Uno has gone on to become the apple of someone  else’s eye …. I will always have the satisfaction of knowing that my willingness to foster was a life saving game changer!

Today, East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is looking for a foster for a sweet and beautiful dog named Pixie.   If you are interested in taking this incredible journey … please contact them to apply to foster 🙂

What time is it?   It is always time to understand that making wishes come true is more of a success when we invest our own love and time.

Maybe Christmas he said [the Grinch] doesn’t come from a store    Dr Seuss


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