Straight from the heart …..

We all love rummaging around the upper pond.   It does not matter how many times I have fallen in!   We don’t care how buggy it gets in July!  Even on a damp day like this …. when we could grow a garden in the dirt we drag back to the house …. it never, ever gets old!

This week, it is just frosting on the cake that we have the opportunity to share this pleasure with Uno!   Who is Uno?   Did I adopt a new dog?  Not this time!

Uno is as cute as a button and as sweet as the brownies sitting in the cake stand on the china cabinet!    He won’t be staying here forever … but for now, Uno is here to heal and get a sneak of the good life that East Coast German Shepherd will find for him!

Like all dogs, Uno is eager to please!   Even though he clearly has not been treated well in the past, Uno is settling into domestic bliss like an old pro!    One of the most beautiful bits about dogs is that they do not share our human hangups or harbour grudges, eh?

As a sidebar note to that … if anyone is looking for a gentle and affectionate six to eight year little (   14.8 lbs yesterday ) lad who is quick to learn, has great cat and dog social skills, travels beautifully in the car and is even housetrained …. they should contact East Coast German Shepherd Rescue lickedty split!     PS … Uno would like me to ask for a home with a bird feeder so he can keep up with his new interest in birdwatching 🙂

But I am wandering afield, as I often do in my meandering way!     The point that I am trying to make this morning is that sometimes the very best gift we can give does not come from a store!

Each and every time that a rescue is approached about a pet,  having an available foster parent is the only reason that they can say “Yes … we can take this pet!”

Being a foster parent is the one gift that one can give that does not cost a dime!    Reputable rescues provide the food and the vet care!   Good grief … Uno was even transported to my door by another rescue volunteer from Atlantic Small Dog Rescue!   All foster parents have to add is the love!

To be perfectly honest, fostering can actually do double duty by being good socialization for one’s own dogs too, eh?

It does not matter if one might only ever foster one pet!   It does not matter if you can only step up for one gender or species or age group or size!   It does not even matter whether you have a pet of your own ( actually all groups need fosters like that for some special ones who are lovely with people but not with their own kind )

In a world where every life counts, what does matter is that ONE time you might foster will still make a difference!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that the very best gifts are the ones that we give from the heart!

You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of  yourself that you truly give.  Kahlil Gibran

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