The writing on the wall …

I love the holiday season!    What’s not to love?   In this house we have ever been long on  the fun of the decking the halls and our favourite food treats … while being Scrooge style short on gift giving!    Not to be mean, but I have always thought that the real spirit of the season lies in what we give of ourselves and cannot possibly be purchased in a store, eh?

Even so, like ever so many others, I am still making my list and checking it twice so that all the ingredients will be on hand for our homemade holiday treats.    To be perfectly honest, I have been shopping the sales all fall so that all our feasting does not bottom out the bank account now, eh?

Whether we like to think about it or not, money really does make the world go round.  No one is giving groceries … or anything else for that matter … away out there.   Lets face it … money is the currency that sets the standard of living for each and every one of us.

That is as true for animal rescue organizations as it is for individuals .. if not more so.   Spiralling prices of all stripes leave less in the kitty for kind hearts to give eh?

The good news is that fundraising for the animals always does double duty by generating community support!   Take a look at the Cape Breton SPCA for instance.   What happened when  they started down a better path … when they reached out to the community and asked for help?

The response was overwhelming.  From badly needed cleaning supplies to building supplies right through to solving their water woes … kind-hearted businesses were quick to step up to the plate.   The latest donation of roofing material for the outdoor dog runs is just the latest example of the success of the ‘ask and you shall receive’  approach.

I know I keep going back to this as often as my sweet O Henry does to his favourite antler, but I have been very surprised this month NOT to see a flurry of fundraising at the Yarmouth SPCA.    There is no other possible way to interpret the last online minutes posted on the society website … clearly provincial is past the point of all patience with Yarmouth’s lack of fundraising.

In light of that, I was expecting to see all sorts of new ventures to try to tap into the giving spirit of the holiday season.    Other than one poorly advertised Christmas Celebration Event, there has been nothing new to be found.

Indeed, the bare bones volunteer page still has the old open on sunday shelter hours and there is absolutely nothing in The Minutes and Reports section to keep interested kind hearts up to date on the doings at the shelter!

So … if Provincial is done giving the branch a free pass for not fundraising … and the Branch is still not reaching out to the community .. what IS going to happen to the shelter?

I can say that from my bird’s eye view with the site that there has been an unprecedented mass exodus of dogs from the Yarmouth shelter to other branches.    Does this mean that intake is being cut back?   Is the oldest SPCA branch in this province in imminent danger of being shut down?

Even worse .. what will happen to the AC intake at the shelter?   ( Is it already too late for a post about the very sticky subject of how those dogs are somehow not counted in the squeaky clean No Kill Stats until they make it out of the stray hold section alive?   Not to be mean, but while that might have fooled provincial, in a small community it could have kept kind-hearted support from stepping up to the plate, eh?  After, a dead dog is a dead dog, no matter what side of the building it gets killed on! )

What time is it?  It is way, way past time for someone at the Yarmouth shelter to pull their head out of the sand and start reaching out to the community … before its too late!

Most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it’s addressed to someone else.  ~Ivern Ball

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