Looking for a little umph

Meet Reddick!   He is snuggly and soft and strikingly handsome!   According to his petfinder listing, Reddick is “extremely sweet and for his size, very gentle. He loves to snuggle up to you and gives very gentle kisses”.   Best of all, he is just old enough to be past puppy puddles and to be sensible enough to learn the ropes!

So why has this lovely fellow not been snapped up?   Why is Reddick still waiting for his own lucky day after six months?  Hmmm!

Is it because the Yarmouth SPCA is off the beaten path?    Could the problem be the economic downturn in the area?   Gosh … aren’t those the same problems being faced by the Cape Breton Branch?

Or is it that the Yarmouth Branch board has been either unwilling or unable to take the fundraising bull by the horns?    Donor dollars do not just magically fall into anyone’s lap … any seasoned non-profit of any stripe knows that!

Their counterparts in Cape Breton clearly know how important fundraising is …. every time I turn around I am listing new events in support of the shelter.   They understand … as Yarmouth clearly does not .. that fundraising always does double duty by engaging the community!

It is one of this years saddest ironies that the old Yarmouth board claimed to have quit in protest over provincial control of their funds … when in fact this year’s reality is that Provincial has supported of the Yarmouth Branch to the tune of $79,000 as of the Oct 22nd online provincial Board minutes!

Not to be mean, but that sum represents over half the Provincial deficit this year … and I cannot imagine any realistic possibility that this level of support can be sustained any longer.

In realspeak, that has already had an impact on the animals in the shelter!    The sign on their Facebook page ( see below ) may ‘say’ that they love visitors … but kind hearts now have a much smaller window of opportunity to find out for themselves!

From the  ‘birds eye view’ that my work with the homeless pet site affords me, it does seem that the reduced hours have had an impact on adoptions.    There have only been two new dogs listed since the beginning of this month  … which begs sad speculation as to the fate of animal control impounds 😦

Sadder still of course is that the limited fundraising has not made it possible for the board to change the shelter policy of waiting for an approved adoption to alter their adoptables!   Even a gentle giant like Reddick would hardly be able to put his best paw forward if he had been kennelled for six months with unspayed females and intact males.

As of this writing, there is only ONE dog listed as being altered in the ENTIRE shelter petfinder list!   Additionally, it would only be good luck instead of good management if any of the impounded strays were actually altered either!

Not to be mean, but a shelter full of unaltered dogs is going to be louder and less welcoming for visitors.   That could explain why even cute little dogs like Puggles  are still waiting on the shelf as well!

Gosh … why on earth would anyone drive all the way down to Yarmouth when there are hundreds of altered adoptable dogs available closer to home, eh?

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that it is penny wise and pound foolish not to alter all adoptable pets as soon as their health permits.    If the society is going to legitimately lay claim to being No Kill, then there is no reason NOT to alter all the adoptables.     Anything else falls into an old school self-fulfilling prophecy that is out of step with the current society position on the subject!

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown

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