Just a great idea !

Crisp cold mornings like this will always remind me of the first time I met Kitty Bear.  I have always suspected that there is something on my gate post that only cats can read …. so she was neither the first nor last sweet soul to find her own way to my door!

Like many of her kind ( in rescuespeak … black domestic short hair mix ), it was clear from the start there was more than a fair smattering of Burmese in her family tree!   Loyal and devoted … friendly and affectionate … and clever enough to ‘talk’ her way in the door!

From a purely practical point of view, it was just sugar on the top that she was already spayed!   Still, that made it even sadder that such a lovely cat could have been somebody’s pet for three or four years … right up until the moment that she wasn’t 😦

Lets face it … homeless black cats and dogs really do get a bad rap!    They are innocent victims of prejudice and superstition that prevent potential adopters from seeing what wonderful pets they could be!

Ignorance is always the mother of all prejudice … so I am always happy to see any ‘campaign’ that promotes black cats and dogs.   This morning when I was doing my first cup of coffee ‘virtual rounds’ , I saw a brilliant idea that we really should embrace for next year …. offering an alternative to the spending frenzy of Black Friday!

Could there possibly be a better opportunity to promote what a great ‘deal’ black dogs and cats are?    I did a bit of digging around and noticed that some rescues south of the border were offering discounted … and in a couple of cases … free adoption fees!

Now before the keyboards cat(ch) on fire about not being able to afford to do that … sit on your hands long enough to remember that there are reasons the retail world still uses ‘loss leaders’.

Why do they still do that?   Because it works!    It is a proven way to get customers in the door!    As a sidebar note to that, puppy mills will never be put out of business until non-profit rescues are able to entice enough ‘business’ away from the puppy brokers!    Employing competitive retail tactics is simply the most effective way to ‘corner the market’, eh?

What time is it?   It is definitely time to put this great idea in everyone’s planning folder for 2013!!!   It would just be frosting on the cake that the publicity would help more pets of all colors and stripes and sizes to go home for the holidays 🙂   Then maybe next year, beautiful pets like the ones pictured below might not have to be innocent victims of unfounded prejudice!

Sylvester Silly Pants is available for adoption from Healing Animal SCARS

Justice is available for adoption from ARC

Mama Mia is available at the Yarmouth SPCA

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