The Perfect Antidote

I have always loved working with wood!   It has  provided a permanence to counter balance the fleeting nature of even the fanciest functions!   Even better, I have long ago lost track of how much money these amateur skills of mine have saved me over the years 🙂

Best of all of course is that these lessons I was lucky enough to have learned from my Father always keep me connected to all the great memories we shared!

To be perfectly honest, I was an adult before I truly understood how unusual it was for wood working lessons to be ‘wasted’ on a girl.    Happily these days girls DO take shop in school and women no longer raise eyebrows when they go to the building supply store!

How did that change?   Did the school system magically wake up?   Did the home renovation industry suddenly realize they were shutting out a very large segment of the adult population?

Of course not!   As with anything else, it changed because somebody spoke up!   To paraphrase the old adage, even thousand mile journeys have to begin with a first step!

Which of course is why I am so pleased to see this carefully written proposal has been crafted by the ever so lovely  folks at CAPS!    It is called Operation Pet Fixx and it is trying to get a badly needed NO COST spay neuter program off the ground in Annapolis County!

Now before the keyboards cat(ch) on fire … yes we all know that CAPS already has a relationship with Annapolis County Animal Control!  If you will recall, CAPS was originally born out of the public outrage that ensued when verified accounts of dogs being shot at the pound were published in the media.

Does that mean that every cat and dog that is impounded in Annapolis County is now automatically safe?   Of course not!    Like any other rescue, CAPS is only able to take in cats and dogs when foster space is available!

What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that until there is a meaningful Spay Neuter Program, kind rescue hearts in Annapolis county will continue to struggle without ever really cat(ch)ing up!

What time is it?    It is time to remember that it takes less than a minute to vote!  How many other opportunities are there out there for folks to make a difference without inconveniencing themselves in any way at all?

Action is the antidote to despair.     Joan Baez

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