Urgent … safe berth needed for a Good Boy!

I am old enough to remember the days when we ‘didn’t trust anyone over thirty’.   At that time, I never could have imagined how very young fifty-eight would actually be. Sure, there are a few grey hairs!   True … I understand that two page to do lists are only make me feel bad!   And yes, sitting still for a picture is the only way I will ever be able to sport my spike heeled shoes!

Does that bother me?   Not one bit!    Fifty eight might not be as elderly as I once thought …. but it is old enough to appreciate what a gift good health is.

Lets face it .. .no one ever expects to become ill.  Even worse, in these days of spiralling prices, many people are so pressed from paycheck to paycheck that there is no wiggle room to set anything aside for a rainy day.

When that happens … what happens to the family pet?   In this case, there will be no Happy Tails unless a new home can be found!

Meet Brooke!   He is six years old and as sweet as you would expect an Amstaf to be.   Brooke has lived indoors his whole life but has not had any opportunity to be socialized with other pets.    On the upside, Brooke is smart and eager to please and really loves women.

Brooke’s human is very ill and is now unable to care for Brooke.   Sadly, he cannot work now and so cannot even afford to feed this good dog!

What time is it?   This is one of those times where there is a VERY short timeline to find this good dog a safe foster slot.   Where he is not cat and dog tested … and has not lived with children .. he will not fit in everywhere … initially.

If you can help, please contact Nahleen at nahleenashton@gmail.com

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