On penny wise and pound foolishnesses ..

What a chilly morning!   There was a skiff of ice on the ornamental pond …. along with a heavy hard frost that will put paid to the last of the lingering water lilies!

Every year that is always the bittersweet benchmark that officially kicks off the start of Sock and Mitten season in this house!   Mind you … one of the best bits about being a gardener is the sure knowledge that next spring they will be back to launch the beginning of better and balmier days for the season.

To be perfectly honest, it was an extravagant splurge at the time!    I could have bought several small shrubs or even one fantastic tree for the price I paid for the initial two hardy water lilies.

So why did I buy them?   Was it that I wanted to naturalize the (then) new ornamental pond?    Might it have been the sure knowledge that lilies of most sorts bloom all season long?   Perhaps it was  in the hopes of enticing frogs in to perch on the lily pads?

Whatever the reason, the initial investment has certainly paid off!   The pond is a delightful retreat that we can enjoy year in and year out!

At the end of the day, it is actually much the same thing as the adoption fees I paid when I brought home my new pals!    The fees might have varied a bit from rescue to rescue, but none of them even came close to matching the value of veterinary services rendered.

Each and every one of my best friends were spayed or neutered, vaccinated and vet checked!    All of my old geezers had dental surgery … Rascal had bladder surgery  … and Winnie even came with a full course of meds for his newly diagnosed collapsed trachea!

No sir … the cost of any or all of that did not even come close to being covered by the adoption fee!    To paraphrase the old mastercard ad … one could tally up all those bills … but the friendship and companionship is the real priceless bit!

Not to be mean, but that makes the ‘free to a good homes’ seem ever so much less of a bargain, eh?    More importantly, reputable rescues and shelters never hide known health and behavior issues!   What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that the actual priceless bit is being able to be confident about opening one’s home and one’s heart to a new best friend …. SAFELY!

Before I went shopping for my water lilies, I did my homework.    I found out what types would survive a zone 6b winter …. took ever so many books out of the library on building and managing ponds … and yes I even asked the folks at country stoves and sunrooms what they would recommend 🙂

Because I did that, we have every reasonable expectation that those lilies will provides years of enjoyment yet!    In other words … over time, that hefty initial price tag really paid off!

What time is it?  The next time you hear someone whining about the high prices of pet adoption fees, it is definitely time to remind them what a good value the fees really are!

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