Mmmm…. lobster!!!!

I don’t get to visit as often as I would like, but I always love going to visit the incredible Laurie Wheeler at HART!    What’s not to love?    The front room starts purring the moment anyone sets foot in the door!    Kitties that are so friendly and well cared for and social it takes two cups of tea to visit with them all 🙂    Or the dedicated hours of work every day to ensure that everything is so daisy fresh that not even my latent asthma is stirred by so many pussycats?

Chilly mornings like this only serve to remind us that … however one celebrates it … the holiday season will soon be upon us!      If anyone is looking for a spectacular way to celebrate … could there be a better way than picking up tickets for HARTs Lobster Draw ?( see poster below for details)

What time is it?   It is always time there is no downside to an opportunity to this!    Kind hearts have the chance to entertain in style AND support a hard working cat rescue with real heart!   At the end of the day, everyone who buys a ticket is helping HART carry on its work … and that makes everyone a winner!

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